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    Are There Effective Ways To Control Acne?

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    It’s difficult to ascertain the specific cause of acne. Doctors have postulated many varying and different causes. What they agree on however is the fact that, first, hormones are a huge role in the appearance of acne. In a person’s teenage years, male hormones known as testosterone are often overproduced from the body, causing the body’s sebaceous glands to create more oil.

    Skin cells

    Dead skin cells unite with the sebum or oil in the face clogging the pores and leading to comedones (whiteheads) or blackheads. Later on, these can aggravate and become painful pimples. Secondly, acne is also a hereditary skin disease. Studies show that if one of the parents have acne once in their lifetime, three from the four descendants will certainly have acne. Some drugs, if use in massive dosages can lead to acne.

    Some folks assert that acne is caused by an unhealthy diet and stress. However, this isn’t the case. There’s absolutely no discernible link between diet and acne, in addition to stress. Acne forms from the skin and doesn’t in any way connect to the fatty food that we consume. Thirdly, tension and sleeplessness also have been considered offenders when it comes to acne but there aren’t any medical truth to the myth.

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    Doctors nevertheless advice people with acne to maintain unhealthy eating, smoking and stress to a minimum degree. These are considered acne aggravators and therefore need to be controlled. Acne can occur in children as early as toddlers infants and as late as 60 years old. Prime outbreak years meanwhile happen early in a person’s teenage years before the individual’s thirties. It’s an issue of control when it comes to acne.

    Take control

    Acne sufferers need to contend with the fact that acne can be controlled if not treated.

    Follow directions. Over-the-counter-products can allow you to control acne and they contain ingredients which may stop acne before it becomes severe. Ointments, powders and dyes containing benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid and retinoids can help dry out pimples. However, follow the instructions printed on the box. If used in bigger doses than mandatory, it can lead to scaling, burning and burning and severe dryness that can only aggravate acne rather than helping ease it. Your doctor may also prescribe antibiotics to decrease the amount of bacteria in addition to hasten the healing process of the open pimples preventing discoloration in the procedure.

    Keep your hands to yourself. Stop picking at your pimples or popping them out. This can do nothing but increase the scars on your face. Moreover, pus in the cysts or pimples can spread bacteria to other areas in your skin worsening your acne. Skin ought to be kept clean at all times.

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    Consult your physician. A specialist (dermatologist) can help you understand acne and its consequences. They’re also able to prescribe the perfect doses for your medication required. If you can afford it, speak with your doctor about the possibility of getting laser treatment, chemical peels or microdermabrasion. Your doctor can evaluate the degree of the acne and its harm and give you the correct treatment for it.


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