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    Are There Home Remedies For Shingles?

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    Shingles is a contagious illness that requires immediate attention. The remedy for this problem ranges from prescription medication to home remedies for shingles. Find out the best treatments to cure this problem. This is a form of skin rash caused by the Varicella zoster virus. This virus is the same virus which brings about chickenpox.

    Let’s understand it

    After someone contacts the chickenpox virus, this virus still remains in our nervous system and might lay stagnant for several years. One might say they’re completely free from this particular virus. Certain elements can”wake up” the virus that’s been hibernating in our system. These factors are emotional stress, lack in our immune system such as that caused by AIDS and even cancer. The reactivation of the virus causes this illness.

    There could be a burning pain or a sensitivity in the skin of an individual affected with this illness weeks before the appearance of skin rashes. You may be feeling pain but you have trouble pointing out what causes it. The migraines usually begin in tiny blisters which can double in number in a few days. They form a belt-like pattern on the skin.


    The rashes may also ooze and soda. This condition may take 3 to 4 weeks before it can complete. This condition is quite contagious especially to a person who has a very weak immune system. If you’ve undergone chickenpox before, you may also encounter this condition at some stage in your lifetime. The remedy for this makes use of drugs that can fight the viruses. The use of antivirals such as acyclovir and valacyclovir is usually suggested by experts.

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    Pain killers could also be taken to ease the pain that accompanies the skin issue. You can assist the rashes by cleaning it gently with soap and water. You can even try using anti-itch lotion or cold compresses to stop the itching. The remedy for this problem needs to be taken seriously. If it remains untreated, it may cause cellulites, a skin bacterial disease. If it seems on the face, it may affect the eyes if not handled correctly.

    Natural ways

    Along with this, herbal and home remedies for shingles function as a natural remedy for this condition. Among the very best herbs are Lemon Balm, Red pepper, licorice and St. John’s Wort. Lemon balm is very effective in treating herpes infections like the virus which causes this condition. You may use its leaves to make tea and put on the mixture on the rashes a few times daily. Red pepper has a pure component called capsaicin that may alleviate the pain caused by this condition.

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    Licorice, on the other hand, has natural antiviral and immune-boosting elements that may chase away the virus. St. John’s wort is an herb that can rebuild the nerves of the body. This condition is particularly tricky for children because they have a very low tolerance level to a lot of illnesses. To help them out try a natural remedy intended for youngsters. Powerful herbal remedies like Lemon Balm, Scullcap and Echinacea  may help cure shingles and alleviate the pain caused by this condition.

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