НачалоИмунна системаКак да спрем развитието на болестта?

    Как да спрем развитието на болестта?

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    Nutrition is the process of assimilating food to the growth and repair of tissue that is worn. It’s also the study and science of appropriate balance within the diet to promote health. The dictionary defines Holism as the “concept that the basic principle of the universe is the creation of wholes i.e. complete and self-contained systems from the atom and the cell from development to the most complex forms of life and mind.”

    Holistic medicine

    Additionally, it defines Holistic Medicine as”a method that treats the entire person, physically and emotionally, instead of simply treating the entire part.” Thus, holistic nutrition looks at the entire person, their dietary intake such as lifestyle and supplements, and on prevention and using non-toxic, natural remedies. The objective is to’do no harm.’ Then by means of natures healing power address the needs of the entire person.

    Nutrition is essential to the practice of Holistic Medicine. Correct diet is the basis for different remedies and normally makes them unnecessary. Western society has overcome the issue of infectious disease because of public health measures. Although, we’ve eliminated infectious illness, hospitals and mental health clinics are swamped and society is fragmented and ill-at-ease. We’ve replaced infectious disease with degenerative diseases.


    By definition, evolution makes sure that all living things that exist now are well adapted for their surroundings assuming they live according to the forces that shaped their evolutionary development–this definition doesn’t translate to nutrition. Use of fire for cooking enabled man to change his food which subsequently enabled man to become more flexible and elastic and therefore the most successful species.

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    It was the abandonment of the traditional method of eating in favor of our contemporary (Western) diet that has led to the majority of the disorders prevalent in contemporary society. Macrobiotic nutrition has shown that if we return to a diet based on whole cereal grains, fruit and vegetables with animal products, instead of our current reliance on animal products, refined/chemically engineered foods, and sugar, we could recover our physical and mental wellbeing.

    Disease development

    Using the description of disease development, we can easily understand the need for change. For convenience the description is described as three different phases but in practice the phases meld into each other without a clear division. By definition there’s an imbalance between ingestion of, and requirement for nourishment. In theory this might be a lack but in our modern society it’s more likely to be an excess. There might be a loss of desire or the individual becomes a fussy eater; many men and women over-ride it by eating ever-more yummy processed foods.

    The excess could be stored as fat (nature’s way of providing for lean times that no longer exists). Avoid the error of believing that if a man or woman is lean they aren’t overeating. These are warning signs of improper elimination as opposed to true illness. They demonstrate that the body is making adjustments to keep its healthy status. If just one of these symptoms is present that is a warning that changes to the lifestyle – particularly diet – are needed.

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    If imbalance between intake and requirement stays, the build-up of wastes will eventually lead to disability of the major organ systems. If the organs of elimination have been affected this will quicken the process of corrosion. In time, (days/months based on the individual) signals of true sickness will appear. As the build-up of waste products continues, the significant organs will start to fail. Signs of organ failure might not appear until 75 percent of the organ function is missing.

    At this stage the man is at risk –e.g. Kidney or Liver failure; Diabetes; Malignant tumors. This description provides a framework for the categorization of all of the disease conditions we encounter. Using this we can form a holistic view of what is going on in the body and give a prescription for action. Idiopathic epilepsy (idiopathic–cause unknown).

    Не забравяйте

    Holistically this is a release of surplus energy (Development of disorder Stage 1). Therefore management would need a very low protein, low fat, and chemical free, high in complex carbohydrate (unrefined grain). The quantity of food has to be kept low to meet but not exceed demands. Pan-osteitis (bone inflammation) I include this, not because it’s common but because it’s comparatively unusual. What causes it? Without the benefit of holistic thinking we would not know where to start. But we can observe that as generalized inflammation it fits neatly into the category of Stage 2 of the Development of Disease; prevention and control become obvious.


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