НачалоИмунна системаКак трайно да се отървете от проблемите със синусите?

    Как трайно да се отървете от проблемите със синусите?

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    Простатата е сериозно заболяване, което не позволява на мъжа да живее...

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    You don’t want chronic sinusitis. Sinus disease medications are more expensive than asthma medications. Each year, around 400,000 sinus surgeries take place. Many of these sinus surgeries are repeats. However, sinus disease can be prevented and treated if you are familiar with the best practices.


    Since I have written two books on sinus prevention and treatment- the latest is Free Yourself from Sinus and Allergy Problems-Permanently- and have published over 30 medical journal articles on this subject, I believe I can help you. Many of my patients are pilots and scuba divers. They are unable to take most sinus medications. I try to avoid using drugs whenever possible. Millions of microscopic “hairs”, also known as cilia, are found in your nose and pulmonary systems.

    They beat at 14 pulses per second to move bacteria and viruses. They can slow down and bacteria can multiply. Postnasal drip occurs when the cilia slow down, causing the mucus blanket not to move as quickly. Acute allergy is when the cilia move faster, and your nose may run. However, if the cilia become exhausted in the later stages of allergy, then the cilia slow down, and it can lead to a sinus infection.

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    It is important to maintain good cilia movement.

    • Prevention. Do not blow your nose too hard. Don’t blow your nose too hard. This can cause infected material to move into the ear and sinuses. Common cold symptoms can be treated with bed rest, tea, lemon, honey and large amounts of tea. These can help to restore nasal cilia, which helps move bacteria out of your nose.
    • Don’t take too much medication. Do not rush to the pharmacy for cough syrups, cold pills, or syrups at the first sign of a cold. Rest, tea, lemon juice and honey are the best medicines. You can have green or black tea with or without caffeine. Rest and good sleep are essential. It is equally important to follow the prescription that your doctor has given you. It is a terrible thing for a patient to stop taking the antibiotics when she feels better. This can lead to bacteria developing resistance to antibiotics.
    • Improve your immune factors. Don’t get chilled. Do not let worry and anxiety lower your immunity. Relax and smile. Instead of worrying about getting sick, listen to happy music and Broadway Musicals. You will laugh at comedies. Good sleep is essential. Probiotics and yogurt can help boost your immune system.
    • If you have Chronic Sinusitis, consult your doctor about pulsatile irrigation. This is saline irrigation which pulses at a pace that simulates your nasal cilia moving at a normal speed. The cilia move bacteria out of your nose when they move properly. Pulsatile irrigation is particularly helpful in removing bacteria, biofilm, and doesn’t have a problem with backflow.
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