НачалоБолкаКак да намалим болката при тежко главоболие?

    Как да намалим болката при тежко главоболие?

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    People living in modern times often complain of headaches. This problem is not only a result of the stressful lives people lead, but also because of other factors. Experts agree that headaches can be caused by irritation of various structures in the head and neck. They also classified headaches according to their causes.

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    Experts say headaches are quite common for many people. However, they should not be ignored if they become severe. According to medical findings, severe headaches are most often caused by a migraine attack. This is due to the dilation of blood vessels in the brain. Severe headaches can cause vomiting, dizziness and distorted vision.

    You can take over-the-counter medications such as paracetamol, ibuprofen, and aspirin as soon as you feel the headache. If the headache gets worse, you should consult your doctor. This can be a sign of more serious conditions like meningitis, which is the inflammation of the membrane around the brain; sub-arachnoid hemorhage, which is a bleeding in between the brain and the meninges; stroke, blood pressure, and brain tumors.

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    Another cause of severe headache migraine is sinusitis, which is a severe pain that can be felt behind your cheekbones or above your bridge of the nose. Experts in health care agree that any medication should be used only as part of a wellness program.

    They also agree that a combination of medication and lifestyle changes is the best way to treat chronic headaches. This includes avoiding triggers such as stress, anxiety, depression, stress management, relaxation therapies, and personal counseling. It is essential to understand the causes of any headache before you can treat it. If your headache is due to any other condition, consult your doctor before you take any painkillers.

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