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    Herschel Kelley

    I’ve literally only been using this for a week. HUGE difference in my performance (in bedroom and in gym). You’ll feel like a raging animal ready to bite off your own hand but holy crap if you add preworkout better stand back for blast radius.

    Karla Barnett

    My husband just started this product. See a difference slowly. Was hard to get, everyone sold out. Great for all ages. For a 75 year old man, wow. He is feeling better n exercises alot. Has diabetes but he still takes this, and worth it. Thank you.

    Ricky Patton
    Worked a lot better then expected.
    Joana Tanner
    My husband says that they make him feel energetic.
    Sung Tran

    Had to raise my testosteron levels, they went up 50 points in two months the product worked great for me.

    Wilburn Hurley
    The results are amazing with noticeable energy level increases and even has helped curb caffeine needs.
    Geoffrey Salas

    Seems to be making me feel a lot better with more energy.

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    Hilario Yu
    Going on 3 weeks and experiencing higher energy levels and most definitely libido increase. My wife is 16 years younger than I. She too is benefiting from this product as I have energy for multiple times a day 🙂 Within one week I felt I had clearer thinking. Gonna start my workout routine next week to test out on recovery time. If workout recovery time improves I’ll be extremely happy because my physique will soon match my youthful feelings. I reordered one bottle today because so far it’s been working for me. If consistency continues I’ll take for 3 months and cycle off one month before starting again. Do find myself being little more aggressive in attitude but nothing crazy that will get me in trouble. Interesting how little change in body chemistry can affect in so many ways. For me it’s been positive changes thus far.
    Trey Baker
    One of the few products I’ve tried that actually does what it’s says.
    Malcolm Peck
    This product can be used as regular maintenance for maintaining your vitality. It keeps one sharp and on their toes. With peak performance you will be able to climb any mountain and get to the top as you travel through time. Having tried various brands, Nugenix Total-T sits at the top of this enhancement mountain.

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