InícioSistema ImunológicoComo tornar os seres humanos livres de doenças?

    Como tornar os seres humanos livres de doenças?

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    Whenever one imagines the term therapy it is usually in the context of a person suffering a mental breakdown and needing to be taken to a psychologist for getting electric shocks. Similarly, gene Therapy may seem like a corrective measure undertaken when a gene in your body becoming fed up with life, going mad and needing counselling.

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    Though quite simply put, according to the FDA, it is a process where a malfunctioning gene in a normally functioning one is inserted into a body. Obviously, this practice is infinitely more challenging than it seems and needs somewhat more effort than shooting the bad gene, putting out an advertisement for curious genes, interviewing them and requesting the ideal gene to come to work Monday morning.

    Gene Therapy

    It was first tested on a individual in 1990 and frightening side effects were encountered though not as frightening as having grown a tail or a different foot, but they were sufficient to scuttle the entire process a little. Scientists, unlike ordinary people, have a peculiar habit of not giving up and in 2016 have proclaimed they are closer than ever. Scientists at Milan’s San Rafael Telethon Institute for Gene Therapy reported that they had managed to treat 18 children of a rare disorder called ADA-SCID which terribly impacts the immune system.

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    To accomplish this they removed the children’s bone marrow added a receptor that ensured the creation of the ADA enzyme they lacked and then set the marrow back. Sounds so easy. Well, the majority of the human population is not even capable of fixing a bicycle’s puncture. And this specific gene therapy took 14 years to grow. 14 decades simply to determine how to remove a bone marrow include a gene and set the marrow back.

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    How much does it cost? Well, they need $665,000 for the above therapy, possibly if we bribe our body with half the amount it might begin producing the gene. Plus the pricing of the above treatment is modeled just like baldness therapies.Grew your own hair back after 14 days of therapy? No? Then here is your money back. Got the receptor added to your own body that successfully led to ADA enzyme production? No? Then here is your money back.

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    People think that a cure for Hemophilia, a bleeding disorder making an yearly gap of about $200,000 to $1M each year in people’s pocket through this gene therapy could just be the break it needs. It affects about 1 in 5000 people, hence is far more common. Though expect both political and scientific hurdles, as Bayer sells roughly $10 billion dollars per year value of the present hemophilia therapy and possibly they won’t require a lot less costly cure lying down.


    There’re other path-breaking uses suggested which might lead to gene therapy which makes humans disease free. Doctors inserted a gene from a light sensing algae into a person that may potentially allow him to view. But for the case in which a totally sighted person is not able to find a vehicle before ramming into it? Well, no algae can help you there. A kind of gene editing that attempts to reprogram a faltering gene either by coercing, bribing or blackmailing it’s also being proposed. Genetic editing is thought to help in eliminating certain kinds of cancer.

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    Nota final

    Daily from the news, there are reports about how gene therapy helped a woman fight cancer, how it revived hearing and balance and made mice glow like fireflies. Though we imagine not many people would have a luminous mouse in their priority lists. And having said all this, a genetic treatment for a man who blames his genes because of his stupidity, laziness may be impossible. Gene Therapy promises to provide individuals with not only relief but a remedy. This type of reprogramming of the human body, in which a faltering cog is replaced with a proper one, might just repeatedly guarantee that individuals may lead a satisfying disease free life, where in they can openly and passionately complain and rant against their neighbor without a care in the world.


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