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    Can you Change your Conditioned Thinking?

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    Although you may not get it, you might be liable for conditioning your thinking, emotions and behaviour in very negative ways that are poisonous and certainly do not help you attain a healthy frame of mind. If, as an instance you’ve told yourself some of the following and you’ve educated yourself to believe what you tell yourself, you might want to read on.

    Conditioned Thinking

    Repeatedly telling yourself some of the above in addition to thinking it, is a poor place to end up in. Why? This is so because you’re unknowingly reinforcing your distorted beliefs about yourself. When you let conditioned thinking to take over and dictate what is and isn’t fact, you’re in trouble. Conditioned thinking is poisonous. It’s poisonous because it doesn’t think. It only reacts and repeats itself and therefore becomes conditioned on mind as though it had been true and fact. There’s little “real” believing in conditioned thinking, just conditioning. If we’re told the world is square enough times and when we do not bother to find out for ourselves if this is fact or not, we’ll believe it because the whole world has been conditioned to believe the same thing. The entire world believes it, so it must be true!

    Here it’s the exact same idea. You may believe what you tell yourself if and when it’s not valid. Unless you learn how to question, assess and examine what it is you’re conditioned to inform your self, your conditioned mind won’t ever change and you’ll keep on thinking what you automatically tell yourself. The issue with conditioned thinking (ideas we’ve unconsciously conditioned ourselves to think ) is that for the most part these ideas don’t represent reality. Once you’re locked into conditioned thinking you become stuck with it, with no room for change.

    If there’s absolutely no room for change, how can you proceed in an effective manner? How do you change what’s damaging you? You can not, and because of this it’s not just essential to recognize your own conditioning, but also to give yourself the chance for change by questioning, challenging and analyzing what you think is accurate.

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    You can see many examples if you look carefully enough, and you’ll recognize how you yourself plant conditioned negative thoughts in your head. In fact all of us do this so frequently, we do not even consider what it is we’re telling ourselves. We just repeat the same mantra’s we’ve educated ourselves over time. We become conditioned to do so. Others might do the exact same to themselves and to us since they’re also conditioned in their thinking and in their own lives they don’t stop to think consciously.

    This is all good and well if what you’re telling yourself is really valid. The issue with conditioned negative thinking is it isn’t valid generally. Conditioned believing only damages us emotionally and mentally, so better reverse it at this time. You might have told yourself a thousand times over that you’re stupid, perhaps owing to a previous experience that left a scar or left you questioning yourself. However, what might have been an experience of supposed “failure” (whatever that means) might not be valid for your life now. You might have “failed” at something once, but you finally take this fear of “failure” with you each time you have a challenge.

    Have you questioned your conditioned mind?

    You’ve got pre-programmed yourself that you’re a failure and you will always fail. You’ve set yourself up to fail because of your conditioned mind. Now what if you begin to question, analyze and examine these conditioned ideas more consciously, what would you find?

    1. I’m stupid: Have you and consciously thought about if you’re stupid or not? Have you tested it? Can you see flaws in your thinking where you simply (and without thinking) tell yourself and accept that you’re stupid as a result of an adventure you had many years back? You will need to discover what’s valid for now and in your life now and what isn’t.

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    2. I’ll always suffer with depression: Have you thought about whether there’s something you are able to consciously and actively do to fight your depression? If your depression is based, you may need meds plus CBT. If your depression is reactive depression, you can obtain the tools to help yourself overcome your depression. Have you accepted your conditioned thoughts without asking the right and aware questions? Are you currently more driven to help yourself than ever before and are you determined to succeed?

    3. Anxiety: The same as above, but this time it’s about stress states. Do you just believe you’ll always suffer with panic attacks or higher anxiety? If so, why do you believe that? Is it because you’re now well and truly conditioned to think what your negative thoughts are telling you about yourself? Have you conditioned to believe what you tell yourself? Have you examined it? If not, you want to examine it and see if it is time to change.

    The Right Direction

    Once you start to recognize that you have been kind of asleep with your ideas, you’re going in the right direction. When you arrive at this time, you’ll also understand the need to make some drastic changes in your thinking patterns. What I mean is that as soon as you begin to see precisely how blindly you let your conditioned mind to dictate to you how and what to believe you’re on the right path at last.

    Recognizing that much of your negative thinking comes from an area of conditioning and that much of your present conditioned thinking is actually “flawed thinking,” gives you a head begin to make changes. Once you know all this, you have a chance to consider what it is you will need to put in place for the change you wish to really happen.

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