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Why to try EFT for Headaches?

A headache is a common condition. Nearly everyone has experienced a headache at some point in their lives. There are also those who suffer from headaches on a daily basis. The most common treatment for this condition is to use commercially available painkillers. Although they can temporarily relieve the pain, […]

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What to do for Children with Migraine?

Did you know that migraine headaches can affect children? According to one online resource, around 10% of children suffer from this health condition. Migraine headaches can affect children as young as five-years-old. What causes migraine headaches in children, though? The same factors that cause migraine headaches in adults also affect […]


Why is a Headache a Common Health Problem?

Headaches are the most common and prevalent health problem today. It can be caused by temporary stress or other organic changes within the brain. It could be either a temporary or chronic condition. The pain is usually felt in the neck, shoulders, and scalp muscles. Sometimes it can become unbearable […]

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Is there a Natural Cures Guide for Migraines?

Migraines are a common problem around the world. Migraines can be very debilitating for those who suffer from them. These symptoms are not like a normal headache and do not only affect the head. They can cause blurred vision, visual disturbances, nausea, vomiting, or abdominal pain. These symptoms can cause […]

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How to treat Sinus Headaches?

Sinus headaches can be very painful and should be treated immediately. Before you can explore the possible remedies, it is important to determine the root cause of the condition. Sinusitis, which is inflammation of the sinuses and nasal passages, is most commonly the culprit. Allergies are another common reason for […]

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How to deal with Headaches?

Who among us hasn’t experienced headaches? A headache can be described as a pain that occurs anywhere in the head. Sometimes they can be felt on both sides of your head. Other times, the headache is only felt in one area of your head. Sometimes, a wave of pain may […]

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How to identify Causes of Headache?

To be honest, the headache relief is my only thought when I have a headache. This could be detrimental to our long-term health. Headaches can be caused from many things, and some could even be life-threatening. Some headaches are more severe than others and may require more than an aspirin […]

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What Are The Best Natural Headache Remedies?

Many people suffering from migraines or headaches are looking for natural remedies. They don’t want to take drugs or medication. A headache is a constant pain in the head that can be caused by muscle contractions, or a chronic tension headache. A migraine is a severe, throbbing headache that can […]