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    Was sind die Ursachen für Depressionen?

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    Depression can take different forms. Some folks lie in bed all dayothers weep always while lots of men and women feel as though a large black cloud hovers overhead. Yet others are influenced with physical symptoms and are left feeling tired by the simplest of actions and have insufficient ability to take a couple of steps. There are even reports of depression causing blindness.


    It is often hard to diagnose and the regular treatment, on identification, is the prescription of mind altering drugs, some of which are proven to be quite addictive. Counselling is currently a popular therapy, such as cognitive behavioural therapy. Such treatment has to be undertaken on a regular basis that’s not always readily available to some patients because of a lack of funds and counsellors. Private treatment is, of course, always available but at a cost. C

    ounselling can be extremely successful when taken out frequently and has the additional advantage of being drug free. A counsellor will listen to the individual’s issues without being judgemental. He or she then gently guides the individual to look at his/her problems from a different perspective, thus enabling the individual to deal better. For somebody who has experienced a significant life changing event such as losing a house, counselling might not always work. Being requested to see that adventure from a different perspective is sometimes easier said than done.

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    Losing one’s home is a traumatic event and no amount of counselling will help the individual to see it as anything besides disastrous, let alone insignificant. The only relaxation available from these counselling sessions for the individual might be in the realisation that lots of others are in exactly the exact same boat. This knowledge alone can enable the patient to comprehend that he/she isn’t totally isolated thereby occasionally helping the individual to feel less vulnerable that is of substantial benefit.

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    Everyone should know about certain symptoms which might indicate depression. You may feel constantly tired, irritable or lack motivation. Loss of energy or changes in sleeping habits like experiencing difficulty in sleeping, sleeping too much or waking too early can all signal the onset of depression. Additionally, feelings of guilt and low self-esteem are especially common as is the inability to make decisions. Suicidal tendencies and thoughts of death are almost always indicative of depression.

    Post Partum depression is a sort of depression which sometimes occurs in women who have recently given birth but can take up to a year to manifest itself. The symptoms are typical of depressive disorders. Often there isn’t any single cause of depression as it frequently results from many factors. Many men and women are not able to pinpoint a specific reason for feeling depressed. We are aware that during melancholy physical changes happen in the mind which proves that depression isn’t all in the mind.

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    Research has established that there’s a chemical imbalance that affects the manner in which signals are transmitted to the brain and nervous system. The chemicals involved are called neurotransmitters. In addition, we understand that relationships, the death of someone near and fiscal problems can all contribute to depression. So also can life altering events like marriage, employment and moving home that’s reputed to be among the most stressful events in life besides divorce and death.

    Severe health issues can be an additional element which may cause depression as a result of stresses and strains that accompany ill-health, thus weakening the immune system. Depression can strike at anytime and makes no distinction between rich and poor, young and older although girls are twice as likely as men to succumb to depression. Hormonal changes in women brought on by adolescence, the start of periods, pregnancy and the change of life are considered to play a massive role in the incidence of depression. Men suffer less from depression than women but men often refuse to seek help.

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    Consequently the condition often remains undiagnosed. This often leads men to turn to medication or alcohol in an effort to conceal the problem. It should give us serious pause for reflection to learn that men are 25 percent more likely to commit suicide than girls. Elderly men and women are also prone to suffer from depression but they frequently attribute depressive symptoms into the ageing procedure. They are at significant risk of not getting suitable treatment to relieve their feelings of melancholy. It’s necessary to emphasise that anybody who feels down or depressed for at least a few weeks should see a physician as the symptoms could point to a depressive illness. Many different medications are available now which can help enormously in treating depression and are free in the addictive effects related to previous drugs. Overcoming depression can take some time and effort and might seem insurmountable at times but please believe me it could be achieved. I know from personal experience that depression can be defeated so, however low you might be feeling right now you have to never give up. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel no matter how dark it seems at this time.

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