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    Could Your Pet Make You Sick?

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    Your beloved pet is among the most precious things in your life. However, it might be possible that your pet is the origin of your bothersome allergies. Though any creature covered with fur could be a source of allergy, the most frequent sources are cats, rats, dogs, and horses. Pet allergy is generally a problem that occurs at home but it may also happen in areas like the zoo, animal farms, etc.

    Pet allergy

    Pet allergy occurs when certain animal proteins activate the inflammation in the lining of the nasal passages called allergic rhinitis that may result in sneezing, runny nose, and other symptoms associated with hay fever. It might also lead to constriction of the lung airways that may result in asthma, wheezing, shortness of breath, and difficulty in breathing. Pet allergy may also come in the shape of allergic eczema, a response of the immune system which leads to skin inflammation.

    Signs of this condition include red patches on the skin and itchy skin. Aside from these, general symptoms itchy, water or red eyes, nasal congestion, postnasal drip, cough, itchy nose, itchy throat, facial pressure, swollen and bluish skin beneath the eyes, chest tightness, chest pains, and difficulty in sleeping. Your immune system functions to create antibodies that protect the body from dangerous viruses, toxins, and bacteria.

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    Immune system

    When you’ve got a pet, the immune system believes that the protein found in the animal’s skin, saliva, or urine can harm you so its instant reaction would be to release antibodies that subsequently create an allergic inflammatory reaction in your nasal passages, lungs, or skin. The best way to take care of pet allergy is to avoid exposure to pets. If you’re a pet lover and you don’t want to eliminate your cherished pet, what you could do is to discover a new home for your pet which you are able to see once in a while.

    After the pet leaves the home, ensure that you wash your whole house thoroughly. Wash the ceilings, walls and floors to remove traces of fur, dander, and other things out of your pet that may contain allergens. Replace upholstery from the furniture, rugs, bed sheets, blankets, and pillowcases to fully remove all of the pet allergens. Also, it would help to use air filters which trap allergens floating around the atmosphere.

    Now if you really need to maintain your furry friend, you can minimize the status of pet allergy by bathing your pet regularly. Don’t do this yourself because the action may trigger your allergy. Ask a relative or friend that doesn’t have allergies to wash your pet weekly. Certain rooms in the home ought to be pet-free. These include bedroom and other personal areas in your dwelling. This would decrease allergen levels in the home.

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    Final note

    Furthermore, remove carpets and other furnishings which may attract danger and fur. Rather than carpets, the better choice would be tiles, wood, linoleum, or vinyl floors. Another idea is to keep your pet out or in the lawn. You can build a wonderful home for your pet and be certain all its requirements are taken care of so you wouldn’t feel too terrible about keeping it out of the house.


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