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    Jaké je využití včelího vosku?

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    Beeswax is a natural wax that honey bees produce in their hives. It has a yellow-brown color. The glands underside of a honey bee’s abdomen are located in the inner side of the bees’ abdominal segments 4-7. The worker bee’s age will determine the size of the wax glands. After daily worker flights, the glands will slowly begin to atrophy.


    The wax scales are initially clear and colorless, but they turn yellow or brown over time due to the worker bee’s mastication. Honeycomb is made later by bees from the wax. The honeycomb cells are then made by the bees’ females, who then regurgitate the nectar from the flowers into honeycomb cells to make honey.

    Honey and beeswax are both edible, but honey is more commonly used in products that do not require refrigeration. The most popular ingredient for candles is beeswax. It has a higher melting point than paraffin waxes, so candles made from it are more popular. This means that even at high temperatures, beeswax candles will remain straight. They also burn for a longer time.

      Co sójové svíčky, parafínové svíčky a svíčky z včelího vosku?

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    There are many ways to make candles from beeswax, including rolling, pouring, and pressing. Beeswax has been called the first plastic by man. It has been used for years as a modeling material to make jewelry molds and sculptures. This involves covering a wax model with plaster, melting the wax from the mold, and then filling it with molten metallic.

    This ancient technique, which was used by the ancient Romans as well as the Greeks, is still used by jewelers, goldsmiths, sculptors, and dentists. In ancient times, beeswax could also have been used to make wooden writing tablets. The wood would be covered in beeswax. The smoothened wax surface is ideal for writing messages with a stylus. In the event that the writing tablet is to be used again, the messages could be erased.

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    Beeswax, olive oil, and paraffin were most commonly used to lubricate or seal bullets in black powder-using cap and ball guns. It was also used as a stabilizer in the military explosive Torpex until it was replaced with a different petroleum-based product. In ancient times, beeswax served as a product for shipbuilding, waterproofing agents for painted walls, as well as as tax payments in Rome. Beeswax can also be found in cave paintings from Lascaux and Egyptian mummies.

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