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Co způsobuje bolest hlavy při sinusech?

What causes my sinus headaches? If you have this condition, this may be your question. This may be your first question. You may be curious to learn more about sinus infection. Sinus headaches are often mistaken for tension or migraine headaches. Sinus headaches are different from other headaches.

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This condition causes severe and constant pain in the forehead, temple, bridge of the nose, cheekbones, and in a few cases, one side of your head. When you move your head suddenly, the pain can intensify. If you dive or swim often. This can cause your body to become cold. You may also be exposed to cold if you fly or climb high altitudes. If there is nasal swelling in your nasal channel, nasal or facial tumour, nasal bone spurs, nasal bone spurs, cleft palate, or deviated Septum.

Sometimes deviated septum can be congenital, which means that you may have it since birth. If you have had recurrent allergies such as hay fever or asthma. Avoid pollen, mold, cigarette smoking, strong odors like heavy perfumes and other air pollutants that can trigger or intensify the problem.

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Sinus headaches can be worsened by bending forward or laying down. Avoid excessive movement. It can also be caused allergic rhinitis, which is an inflammation of the mucous membrane in the nose due to a viral infection or allergic reaction. It can also be caused structural problems in the nasal cavities.

Certain foods can trigger this condition. These foods can make the condition worse if you have headaches or are prone to migraines. Tyramine is a compound that is most commonly found in aged cheeses. It is a natural substance, which is formed when protein is broken down.

Avoid alcohol such as beer, whiskey, champagne and red wine. They can increase blood flow to the brain, and may cause headaches.

Avoid cold foods and drinks, such as ice cream, ice water, and chilled sliced fruits. This can lead to headaches, especially if the individual has been exposed for a prolonged period of time to intense heat.

Avoid foods containing additives and preservatives such as sulfites, nitrates, and artificial sweeteners. This can make the condition worse.

Avoid excessive caffeine intake. Caffeine can be used to reduce headache pain, especially at the onset. However, it can also cause headaches if taken in excess.

Types Of Headache

There are two types of headaches. The good and the bad. Cluster headaches, migraine headaches, and chronic daily headaches are the worst. They are difficult to treat because there is no easy way to fix them. The best headaches are those that can be treated quickly, such as sinus headaches. It is possible to prevent this problem by identifying the root cause.