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    Adamour Farmacy

    Miles Gross

    “I like the large doseage and I can feel the effects. Energetically and definitely some difference sexually – they seem to help with blood flow a bit and perhaps even recovery time! Mentally I feel good when I take them also. I’ve heard you should do 60 days on, 60 days off for workouts.”

    Quinton Wang

    “Everytime I try to find alternative, I come back again. This is the best so far in terms of effects and value.”

    James Wade
    “Great addition to men’s overall health, well being, and enhancement. Can’t go wrong.”
    Kirby Spence
    “It keeps me feeling motivated and helps with my recovery. This is the real deal. I don’t get itchy like with those other boosters. I got tons more energy and my recover time is significantly dropped.”
    Clinton Monroe

    “This is the product I have been looking for and in the dosage that I desired. Taking a smaller number of capsules sure make it easier to get the recommended dosage down. Love it. I will put on auto-re-order.”

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    Coy Gonzales
    “I can’t put on here what this does but I’m sure you will notice after you try it.”
    Brooks Mcintyre

    “I really love it and will never stop taking it.”

    Korina Macias
    “My husband swears by these vitamins. He says it feels like the blood flows better when he takes them.. He never wants to run out of these!”
    Cletus Martinez
    “Well we all know what this is for and I was 100% skeptical on if it would work or not. I took this stuff for a little over a week and it worked so well. I was asked to stop taking it. It was too much to handle.”
    Isidro Parrish
    “I’ve literally only been using this for a week. Huge difference in my performance (in bedroom and in gym). You’ll feel like a raging animal ready to bite off your own hand but holy crap if you add preworkout better stand back for blast radius.”

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