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Funktionieren Hämorrhoiden Hausmittel?

Hemorrhoids home remedies can be used to treat piles that aren’t too severe. Many people are wondering if these home remedies work. The simple answer is yes. This article will go into more detail about home remedies and their effectiveness. Constipation and a lack of dietary fiber are two of the main causes of piles. People used to eat a variety of foods, including meat, bread, pulses and vegetables.

Fiber Intake

Foods with enough fiber absorb more water as it passes through the digestive system. The fiber is not processed by the enzymes in the body and passes through the digestive system into the colon. Other processed wastes are also produced in the colon. The result is a hard stool that is bulky and easy to throw away. This helps to avoid constipation. It is obvious that even a simple home remedy for hemorhoids, which includes fiber in food, can make a big difference.

Modern life is hectic and has led to a shift to processed and fast food, which has little fiber and high amounts of oil and fat. Constipation can be caused by fast food. This problem can be solved by switching to simple, home-cooked food.

Aufmerksam sein

A common mistake is to drink soda instead of plain water. Drinks containing erated beverages can cause hormonal and other imbalances by containing chemicals and other ingredients. Your body needs water that is pure and natural, such as springs or rivers. Water therapy is another home remedy for hemorhoids that can prevent constipation and stomach problems.

Avoid items that contain sugar, preservatives and caffeine. These items can cause constipation and imbalance. These items can make stools hard and sticky. Hard stool can cause excessive pressure on the veins in the rectum, which can lead to bleeding and rupturing.


Simple home remedies for hemorhoids can be used to prevent constipation, straining the veins in the recumbum, and the production of excessive toxin. This is a great way to get rid of hemorhoids.