GVO-Orange mit blauer Schale. Schummeln Konzept

Energetischer Ansatz zur Behandlung von Allergien?

Allergies are an improper response or hypersensitivity to a substance that does not affect most people. Everything in our world has an energetic signature or vibration which distinguishes it from the other substances. This variation creates a tomato a tomato and an orange. Using this signature, the immune system knows, defines and categorizes what is in it’s existence and shield itself from substances that it believes are harmful.


This is the frontline defense for your system. The immune system protects against bacteria, toxins, viruses and anything which may upset the delicate balance of the body. With our complicated lives full of stress, toxins and who knows what else, the immune system becomes confused, something goes wrong, really wrong and triggers allergies. What causes this incorrect (allergic) response? When the body is stressed, does not get enough nourishment, is malnourished or has a toxic overload in the environment, there’s a systematic breakdown in all of the body’s systems.

Our digestive system is changed, our nervous system is diminished and the immune system, the system which made the error in the first place, begins making more and more bad decisions. The precise system that’s supposed to protect usdoes exactly the opposite and fails . How did allergies become so widespread and what are the causes of the shift? Is it the 80,000 new chemicals created in this century ? Is it a lifestyle with so much stress the immune system breaks down? Could it be toxins from the air and water which interrupt the normal functioning of our bodies? Is it the electro-magnetic fields (poisons ) coming from mobile phones, wi-fi, high-tension power lines, radio and TV signals, small appliances and all those wireless cameras on every major intersection, hair dryers and the list continues.


GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) as a food source, but do not get me started on this one. With this toxic soup that we are living in, it is no wonder why we have more allergies now than ever before. Our bodies just begin to fail, become hypersensitive, respond inappropriately to the world around us, have allergic reactions and essentially the body just does not do what it is supposed to do.

The immune system becomes overloaded, all in the name of”Progress” and allergies to foods that are basic, the building blocks of health, are generated. And if these allergic reactions are permitted to continue, an increasing number of foods become suspect and energy which needs to be used to cure the body is redirected to attack those foods and weaken the body. To fix this allergic reaction, all we must do is to delete the old “incorrect” programming and set up new programming that informs the immune system which these foods are great. We need them. It’s nourishment. These foods that cause an allergic reaction aren’t the culprit though the body treats them like that.


It’s only the immune systems improper reaction to them that we need to remove. We must stop this downward spiral now to reverse this tendency. NAET addresses this imbalance. Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques, also called NAET®, is a noninvasive, drug free, natural technique that eliminates allergies of all kind and sensitivities with a blend of selective energy balancing and testing with treatment processes from acupuncture, acupressure, allopathy, chiropractic, nutritional, and kinesiological areas of medicine. Thousands of professionals practice this successful way of treating allergies.

NAET not only alleviates the symptoms, it strengthens the immune system to make better decisions and fosters a climate of health and wellbeing. The Allergy Kit takes this one step farther. Based on principles from NAET, Bodytalk and EFT, The Allergy Kit provides a way to treat your allergies in the home. It’s a natural, do-it-yourself, home treatment protocol which reprograms your immune system to respond positively to these basic foods, as opposed to responding negatively to them. By reprogramming the immune system, you’ll have the ability to eat”like a normal person again”.


More children suffer from allergies than ever before. Not only does this influence their digestion, but since over 90 percent of the serotonin is generated in the gut, it has a very beneficial impact on mood, depression and health. Dr. Ynge Ljung, the creater of The Allergy Kit is an acupuncture doctor, certified NAET practitioner and certified BodyTalk practitioner. She’s established The Allergy Kit to permit individuals with allergies to treat themselves at home. We know it works because we’ve been using these principles in our office for at least a decade and have adapted what we do at the office to let you treat you and your entire family.