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    It’s no secret that we live in a fallen world full of viruses, bacteria and toxins. The world we live in is infected with a wide range of harmful organisms and also the rates of illness are rising. Our always polluted environment is a massive reason but only one of many. Notwithstanding the causes, God has provided an abundant source of natural resources to help us with treating and preventing illness.

    Tea tree essential oil

    You need not necessarily turn to pharmaceuticals for help. Tea Tree Essential Oil is just one natural resource you want to focus on. Tea Tree Essential Oil has particular qualities related to it that I like to call the “Anti” advantages. These advantages are so powerful they can help improve your immune system by combating and protecting your body from germs.

    • Side note: The FDA requires me to say that the statements I am going to make haven’t been proven by their own organization.
    • Antibacterial: Tea Tree Oil inhibits and kills the growth of bacteria. Wounds are treated for centuries using this natural resource and has been good at treating bacterial infections. This oil isn’t often taken orally but it can be done in a diluted form to clean up internal bacterial infections.
    • Antifungal: Used to treat fungal infections like Athlete’s Foot, oil in the Tea Tree kills and prevents the growth of fungi that’s slightly different from germs. Fungi are usually multicellular and consume their food from whatever they grow on while germs are single celled organisms that multiply rapidly and can live on just about any surface.
    • Antimicrobial: Tea Tree Essential oil may kill specific microbes in the bacteria, protozoa, algae and fungi family. It’s an exceptional source of assistance while your body’s own immune system is doing its own work.
    • Antiseptic: The oil of the Tea Tree is an exceptional choice for cleansing wounds which may become infected if not addressed because it prevents the development of micro-organisms.
    • Antitoxin: Stimulating your body’s sweat glands to increase perspiration, Tea Tree Essential Oil helps foster the elimination of toxins from the body via the skin, a leading detoxifying mechanism.
    • Antiviral: Viruses are simple organisms that require a living host to survive. However, after they’ve invaded their host, they could develop a shield shell called a “cyst” to endure. Tea Tree Essential Oil can be used to rupture this protective cyst and provide your body with protection against them. It’s extremely important to take into account the history and source of any drug, remedy or therapy.
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    Tea Tree Oil has existed for decades and is not going anywhere as long as God remains growing Tea Trees. The oil is extracted from the leaves of this tree by the process of steam distillation and has a lengthy history of efficacy treating a broad number of medical problems. Some of the health issues solved include healing wounds, curing viral infections, prohibiting fungus growth, and relieving pain from muscle aches. Scientists manufacture artificial substances that us consumers don’t have any idea where from. These particular drugs which are being introduced and accepted by the FDA aren’t always completely analyzed and lots of times a person does not understand until all the lawsuits pop up the drug isn’t safe for human consumption. Tea Tree Essential Oil doesn’t have powerful or life threatening side effects.


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