Was ist die Gerson-Therapie?

The Narrative of the Gerson Therapy Started back in 1938 when Max Gerson emigrated from Germany to the United States of America to Start his Research and practice of medicine in New York. In Germany, he used to suffer from severe and crippling migraines; he attempted a number of the medicines available at that moment, but none worked, which led him to suspect that the root of his problem lay in his diet.


He tried out several vegetarian diets, and adhering to a health regime, it eventually cured his problem once and for all. In Germanyhe conducted clinical trials to find out whether his method or treatment worked on patients who had severe migraines in addition to a patient who suffered from a kind of tuberculosis of the skin. In the majority of these instances, the treatment worked and he began prescribing this treatment to others experiencing similar health problems.

The most famous individual of Dr. Gerson was the wife of Dr. Albert Schweitzer who had been thrilled by his spouse’s cure he spread the message to other influential people in the USA. His daughter, Charlotte Gerson, continues to champion the Gerson Therapy globally and founded the Gerson Institute along with Norman Fritz at San Diego.


Their therapies called immuno nutrition, which included on to Dr. Gerson’s concept of cleansing the human body using fresh, organic, natural products and juices of fruits and vegetables, energizes and boosts the immune system. Research from The Gerson Institute found that the natural nutrients caused a rapid elevation of alkalinity of the body, which isn’t an appropriate environment for cancer cells.

Besides this the protein-digesting pancreatic enzymes secreted helps retard the growth of cancer cells, since they can’t thrive in an alkaline environment. Though there’s absolutely no certainty about the success of the Gerson Therapy in each and every situation, modern scientific studies have indicated that the exceptional organic and nutrient-rich alkaline diet does raise the pH level of blood, which then can help to curb many disease processes by stirring and boosting the body’s immune system, leading to aggressive attacks on lots of the organisms which cause life-threatening ailments. Charlotte Gerson’s personal crusade against lots of the doubters of her father’s belief remains continuing with an increasing number of converts to the program by individuals who have had no success with contemporary medical treatments.


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