dünnes Haar bei Frauen

Was sind die häufigsten Ursachen für dünner werdendes Haar?

Hair is made from a number of components, some of which contain elastin and keratin. Hair creation is a function of several variables, some of these being the digestive system, hormonal system, immune system, nervous system and respiratory system. We’re going to examine how each and each of these systems influence the integrity and cause baldness.


The first one is the digestive system. The digestive system is responsible for the absorption of all of the vital minerals and nutrients that are needed in the production. If specific b-vitamins are deficient in construction will be impacted and things like thinning of hair will happen. If the digestive system is faulty even if the crucial nutrients are all taken inside they could all go to waste. So, this implies for great hair growth the digestive system needs to be in good shape.

The following system that affects hair production and might cause thinning is your hormonal system. Hormones like the androgens have impacts on hair follicles which cause hair follicles to regress and enter into the resting phase and prevent growing which causes thinning of hair. Other hormones like testosterone can cause hairs to fall and cause bald spots.


The immune system plays a significant role in the maintenance of hair construction. The immune system makes sure that hair is free of fungal attacks that could influence the operation of hair follicles causing baldness. The immune system also prevents the incidence of diseases that may produce toxic substances in the blood which will lead to thinning of hair. The respiratory system might seem to not play a part in the creation of hair yet it plays an extremely important one. Any problems in the lymph system hair production can stop.

This is so for hairs are produced by hair follicles that are cells. Cells respire. Respiration a procedure by which a cell breaks down chemical compounds in the presence of oxygen to form energy which will be used to keep the cells ordinary functions. In the event of hair follicles, they need oxygen to respire, so that they could make enough energy to build the hair strands. When oxygen is in short supply, some of the hair follicles die off, thus leaving gaps on the scalp. These gaps result in what’s called thinning.


Any hair follicles which stay behind will decrease in size, so that they could minimize energy usage, but are compromising on hair growth. The nervous system can also be connected with hair maintenance. The nervous system is the one that’s accountable for the general control of all of the systems of the body. Additionally, there are other psychological disorders that result from the loss of hair or baldness. This is so for the mind affects the degree of hormones and substances which are in the body. If the mind is somehow influenced as a consequence of a disease or disorder, such hormonal balances will be affected which may affect hair follicles and lead to baldness or the thinning of hair.