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    Was kann Hypnose für Sie tun?

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    When hypnosis is said the first thought is usually about entertainment and individuals looking foolish on point. The next idea is usually about smoking, and if there were any enthusiasm left for a third thought that would probably be about weight loss. These are the locations that hypnosis is associated with in the minds of most people.


    And this is really a shame because hypnosis is a powerful tool for positive personal development. It’s a powerful tool that could make life much, much simpler. Whenever people come to see me for help it’s invariably because they have tried everything else and what else (usually the area of medicine) has neglected them. After treatment they often express the wish that they would come to see me.

    The actual difficulty is that since hypnosis is known primarily by its use for entertainment – it’s value isn’t appreciated in the rest of the areas where it can cause great benefits. So just what can hypnosis do for you?

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    • Improve sporting performance. Whatever sporting activity you like, professionally, or for pleasure – hypnosis can enable you to improve your game – so long as you have the physical ability and fitness to perform at the level you would like. Hypnosis may be used to focus the mind, to visualise success, to avoid distractions, and to instil the muscle-memory which permits you to act quicker than thought.
    • Success is what most of us want. It is possible to only need it if you do not think you have it. But success is not a thing, it is a feeling and hypnosis can help you feel powerful. What use is that to me? You might be asking yourself. I have bills to pay, I’d prefer a new vehicle, or to see family on the opposite side of earth. These are tangibles.
    • Surprisingly hypnosis can enable you to attain these things too. It functions on the basis of this notion that if you’re not moving in the direction of what you need, then that is because there are subconscious blocks. In other words there’s subconscious resistance that sabotages your efforts to attain your aims in life.
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    Because hypnosis works, primarily, by re-programming the subconscious, it may be utilized to bring the subconscious into alignment with the free and alert you to move easily towards the accomplishments you would like. Belief in reincarnation isn’t necessary so as to experience a past-life under hypnotic regression. Hypnosis is a excellent way to re-experience past-life memories.

    If you have heard only three too many men and women who were Cleopatra, or other equally famous historical personalities, then like me, you would probably be more than a little sceptical. My initial past-life experience was a Spanish Inquisitor, my second as a Roman soldier being killed in battle, my third as a tribal chieftain in early Britain, and the fourth one as a bad French farmer.

    So why would anybody want to return to experience a life that, essentially, is not romantic or exciting or particular? What value is it? Regardless of how’mundane’ the life experienced – that life is unique. To re-experience memories of a time in history that you know nothing, or very little, about, is of itself a source of fascination when these memories are experienced by you. The experience makes it real for you. It can not fail to improve your existing life when you understand, without doubt now, your consciousness continues on following your body ceases to function. It means there’s no Hell – besides the one you make for yourself on planet Earth.

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    If you take part in a series of regressions you will notice patterns in your behaviors and those of the men and women that are in those other lives with you. Becoming aware of these patterns can help you to free yourself from issues in this present life. Wow! There’s a claim. Even physicians would have trouble demonstrating they could do that.

    If hypnosis can cure disease why is not everybody using it all of the time? Hypnosis is not what does the healing. The individual who has the disorder does the healing themselves. What hypnosis does is make this process simpler and more accessible. It is not guaranteed, but then neither is any medical treatment.


    There are numerous hypnotic methods which may be used to decrease pain by training the brain to react differently to the signs it interprets as pain. This can lead to a decrease in the pain, or its elimination. If you would like to go further you can use hypnosis to explore the psychological reasons for the existence of the pain. This has the potential to lead to a release that leads to healing.


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