Was ist Salztherapie?

It is not surprising that the pharmacy industry is growing every day. You can easily treat any symptom with a pill, or a daily dose. It is easy to get distracted by how quickly problems with our bodies can disappear. Sometimes, taking medicine or pills is not the best choice. Recurrent illnesses and other problems can lead to your body becoming immune to the drug, which may require higher doses to achieve an effect.

Natürliche Behandlungen

Natural treatments are becoming more popular because they are safe and effective at home and pose fewer risks. Salt therapy is a well-known natural treatment. Salt therapy was first used in the twelfth-century. Inhaling microscopic salt particles is a natural and non-invasive way to cleanse the respiratory system. Salt’s negatively charged ions, which can be found at places like beaches and waterfalls, have been shown to reduce inflammation and mucus in the lungs.

This can improve respiratory conditions like asthma, allergies, sinus infections, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and many others. The patient’s airways will be easier to clear by liquefying the mucus, and the inflammation decreasing. It is easier to cough up and expel any toxins from the lungs.


Salt therapy is more than a simple way to cleanse the respiratory system. One PubMed study found that salt therapy inhibits the growth and sometimes even kills bacteria. It also increases phagocyte activity. It has a positive effect on the patient’s well-being and a relaxing effect on their central nervous system. It can reduce or prevent the frequency of respiratory tract inflammations. It improves lung function and decreases bronchial hyperreactivity.

This is a sign of decreased inflammation. It makes it much harder for bacteria to spread and infect your body by killing it. Because your body is stronger, you will have fewer infections and colds. These additional benefits of salt therapy will only improve your quality of living.

For Children

Salt therapy is a great option for children, especially those who are fussy. Because they are so small, they won’t notice the salt particles they breathe in. This makes it easy to get them to do this treatment. Studies have been done on children with asthma to determine the effects of salt therapy. PubMed concluded that the treatment group showed statistical improvements in all quality-of-life questionnaires. “Our pilot study suggests that salt rooms with halo generators may have some beneficial effects on mild asthmatic children.”

Studies are increasing showing the positive effects of salt therapy on patients and the improvement in quality of life. Salt therapy is not only a recent study, but it has been used for centuries in folk medicine. Many salt sanatoriums are found across Europe, with some treatments covered by the European health ministry.


Salt therapy can be very beneficial for you and can be done at home. This treatment is not limited to those with a respiratory condition. It can prevent many other illnesses from happening by strengthening your immune system. It’s safe, affordable, and doesn’t have any side effects like prescription drugs. Salt therapy can be natural. Get it today!