Indische Stachelbeere Pulver

Was muss man über Haarpflege wissen?

Hair problems are common today due to heredity and pollution, excessive sun exposure, stress and anxiety, the harmful effects of synthetic dyes, hair styling gels and dryers, incorrect combing techniques, improper use of pins and clips, and resulting in hair loss. These problems include oily, flaky, itchy scalps, loss of hair due alopecia, stress hormone imbalance, dandruff, dead skin arising form scalp, scalp acne, hair shaft abnormalities that are characterised by node-like swellings along the shaft, easily breakable, fragile hair with split ends, and coarse texture.

Hair Issues

The loose anagen syndrome is another problem that affects hair today. This causes hair to become very thin and stops it from growing in length. In such cases, hair rarely grows beyond the nape. Hair loss can also be caused by fungal infections and inflammation of the hair follicles. Fleas and head lice can cause severe scalp damage. Here are some easy and effective natural hair care remedies that you can try at home.


These hair care remedies can not only prevent hair loss but also treat dry scalp and dandruff. These remedies will make your hair stronger and encourage hair growth.

  • Hair fall can be prevented by washing your hair with a solution made from one lemon juice and extracts from the root of the banyan tree.
  • This problem can be solved by applying spinach juice to the scalp.
  • You can apply a paste made from one tablespoon ground black pepper and one tablespoon of lemon seeds to your scalp. This is a preventive treatment for hair fall.
  • Hair will look shiny and healthy with a paste made from amla powder and lemon zest.
  • Baldness can be prevented by massaging the scalp with a mixture coconut oil and 2-3 powdered Indian gooseberries.
  • Hair growth can be achieved by massaging the scalp with coconut milk or warm mustard oil.
  • To treat dandruff, massage the roots of the hair with camphorated coconut oils.
  • Regularly, dandruff-free scalp massages with a mixture coconut oil and lemon juice is a good option.
  • Hylix is an herbal oil that improves hair condition and controls hair fall. It is made from pure ayurvedic herbs that provide nourishment and care for your roots and scalp.