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    Wo ist Ihre biologische Energie?

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    Tingling is the clearest manifestation the energy’s movement. Excitation of the sympathetic nervous system induces contraction that’s felt as stress and excitation of the parasympathetic nervous system is felt as pleasure. Emotions are actually tangible bio-energy and character is the way to which we bind that energy.

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    Reich found that there were seven sections – ocular, oral, cervical, thoracic, diaphragmatic, abdominal and pelvic to the organism like a worm. The purpose of medical orgone therapy is to free this energy so that it moves in an unimpeded fashion. Armouring is how psychological and bodily harm is anchored in the body. The repeated restrictions of organic working are in the root of armouring i.e. fear of rejection and punishment often contribute to the armouring. As emotion isn’t properly released anxiety develops that increase the physical and psychological contraction.

    The endless repetition of the cycle deadens the character with all the behavioural issues which accompany that. The objective of medical orgone therapy is to assist the client experience profound genuine love and the capacity to undergo a gratifying orgasm with ones spouse. The blocking of the energy’s movement manifests as a constriction of breathing. Peoples’ attitudes aren’t merely in the mind but anchored in the body. Through his work that he could observe the unity of body and mind and that they weren’t separate.


    Emotional pain and injury lead to regeneration of muscle groups throughout the immobilisation of vitality. This muscular contraction then determines the attitude. Meta medicine is the scientific elucidation of the link between the anatomy. Both stages are indicated by excitation of the sympathetic or parasympathetic nervous system. An acute life event contributes to sympathacatonia. If the patient has chronic sympathacatonia due to the frustration experienced in youth then these new battles are felt more severely often with natural symptoms because their ability to cope is diminished.

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    To illustrate – how long can you keep contraction of a bicep, how much energy must hold that contraction. Now imagine that a variety of muscle groups are in permanent contraction. Over the long term this contributes to depletion of bio-energy with concomitant fatigue of the sympathetic nerve. Many of the famous psychoanalysts had recognised that a patients’ social circumstance was critically important but up until meta medication no one realised the specific mechanism behind mania, depression, psychotic aggression, bulimia, auditory hallucinations etc..

    Meta Medicine

    It has much to learn and does not fully incorporate the energetics of life. Often they are not able to tolerate the inner sensations of their life devices and attribute these to external forces. What the new understanding allows is a company basis to begin from and what nature intends through these procedures. If you solve one of those two conflicts of a schizophrenic then you’ve got to be ready for what may manifest as while at constellation there isn’t any organic pathology.

    When resolving these conflicts another will manifest with physical pathology. Health isn’t what you do not have, after all violent crime isn’t healthy. True health is determined by how many inhibitions you will find at the orgasm reflex. The orgasm basically allows for the release of tension. How complete this release is, depends upon how uninhibited the convulsions are in orgasm. The head and tail move towards each other. On an emotional and psychological level it’s the capacity to fully concede in love making.

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    To manage the intensity of some of our expertise we block our feelings. People hold their breath to block the feelings. When the frustration is continuous the holding pattern becomes persistent and the breathing becomes progressively shallower. A Dr. Otto Warburg gained a nobel prize for demonstrating that tumours flourish in a deoxygenated environment. People with shallow breathing have a diminished ability to deal – we say that they are highly strung. There’s a simple test to ascertain whether there’s serious depletion of bio-energy.


    Place a small blood in saline solution and watch the corpuscules. If they break apart in under twenty minutes then the individual has reduced vital reserves of bio-energy. Naturally this evaluation is accompanied by monitoring. Wilhelm Reich noted that if we’re ever to get to grips with crime then this armouring needs to be prevented ever growing in the first location. Armoured life has established associations reflective of the dysfunctional way of being and has rather warped logic. Single sex schools are great and arms dealing is to be encouraged. The only way to keep the armouring is with the parents and education.



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