StartImmunsystemWarum sollte man bei Diabetes gesundheitsfördernde Tees trinken?

    Warum sollte man bei Diabetes gesundheitsfördernde Tees trinken?

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    Type 2 Diabetes – Are You Drinking These Health Boosting Teas? Many people, including those diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, eat when they are really just thirsty. Drinking sufficient fluids can help prevent this sort of overeating also has some side benefits too. It fills your belly at least for a little while and it gives you something to consume that actually isn’t caloric.

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    So, what should you drink? Water, plain or with a wedge of lemon, is your best option as it’s caloric free. Unsweetened tea is another great option. Most diabetics may drink caffeinated beverages in moderation without causing any harm, but please check with your physician if you have any questions. You likely already know green tea is thought of as among the healthiest teas you may consume.

    Clearly benefits all around for Type 2 diabetics seeking to control both their blood glucose and their weight. Being overweight or obese, and the subsequent insulin resistance is the underlying cause of most cases of diabetes. But, what if you do not like green tea? Or, perhaps you just require a change of pace. If that’s the situation, there are a few other teas you need to think about. Each offers their own unique health benefit, so based on what it is you’re searching for, they’ll make certain to satisfy.

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    • Chamomile Tea. Commonly called the tea to help calm down someone and help induce sleep, chamomile tea is a superb source of potassium, which can help sooth and relax tense and tired muscles. It can also help provide natural anxiety relief, so is ideal after a highly intense moment.
    • Mint Tea. Mint tea is another terrific option and is a wonderful way to finish a meal. It can also help sooth digestive distress, so in the event you’ve got an upset stomach, it is one to turn to.
    • Dandelion Tea. Dandelion tea, while might sound rather off-putting, is really among the best teas that you could drink to boost your liver health. It’s often consumed together with milk thistle for a powerful liver cleansing mix. If you have had a night of indulging in a couple of drinks, this is a terrific tea to protect yourself with.
    • Rooibos Tea. This tea, which comes from South Africa is well known because of its powerful antioxidant properties, so may help to reduce your risk of diseases like cancer. Additionally it is quite high in vitamin C content, so in case you feel a cold coming on, might be a fantastic option to help give your immune system a boost and fend off that virus before it strikes.
    • Ginger Tea. Finally, ginger tea is just another one commonly used for nausea, and may also be used to reduce motion sickness also. Adding some fresh lemon juice also this will work in your favor as it will help your body become less acidic too. So keep these teas in your mind.
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    There’s nothing quite like a hot soothing cup of hot tea and you have more choices than plain green tea that will improve your wellbeing. Although managing your disease can be extremely challenging, Type 2 diabetes isn’t a condition you need to just live with. You can make simple adjustments to your everyday routine and reduce both your weight and your glucose levels. Hang in there, the longer you do it, the easier it gets. For almost 25 years Beverleigh Piepers has searched for and discovered several secrets that will help you build a healthy body.


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