Kann Akupunktur die Migräne stoppen?

Today there is much debate about the potential of acupuncture, and whether or not it works. It is important to remember that acupuncture is much older than other medical practices. Therefore, it will always be scrutinized regardless of how long it has been in use. Around 15% of the world’s population suffers migraines. No migraine sufferer should forget that finding a way of relieving the pain is paramount.

Migraine Attacks

We all know that quick action is essential when a migraine strikes. If you don’t act quickly and the migraine continues to develop, everything around you will be affected. Migraine attacks can occur anywhere and at any time. Although there are certain triggers that are more common than others, there are still unknown factors that we cannot control. The real question for anyone suffering from migraine is whether there is a way to get rid of the entire problem.

People have come to the conclusion that acupuncture may be able to relieve migraine pains. It is because doctors today seem to be capable of prescribing the most costly medications in exchange for kickbacks. Many people are skeptical about the effectiveness of acupuncture. This is probably because doctors force us to take more drugs and make us believe this.

Richtige Ernährung

Your specialist may recommend a diet plan to help you with your acupuncture treatment. Drinking tea instead of cola is a common thing. These are simple things that will make sense and you will soon notice how your migraine attacks spread out between each other. I’ll explain the process for those who might be weary. It isn’t that difficult. You will first get a nice head massage. This is especially helpful when you have a migraine.

The specialist will then begin to insert needles into your skin. They are nothing like getting your blood drawn or a shot. Although you won’t notice any immediate changes, it is possible to see a decrease in migraines within weeks. The migraines may disappear completely after a few months.


Remember that everyone is different, and that recovery times are different for each person. This process may not work for everyone, but if you stick with it, your brain will be grateful.


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