Was ist die Vogelgrippe-Krise?

According to another study, the avian flu kills in much the same manner the 1918 outbreak did, which is by drowning it’s sufferers in fluid generated in their lungs. It’s suggested that immediate treatment with an antiviral drug is a must, since the H5N1 virus reproduces very quickly if not suppressed within two days, and compels victims into a rapid decline to departure.


According to Oxford University specialists, the solution is to ‘hit it hard and hit it early’, but added that since the body’s own immune system response does portion of the harm, physicians should consider prescribing anti inflammatory drugs together with the antivirals like Tamiflu. In the 241 known cases of bird flu, experts discovered, and especially in the 13th instance, unusually high levels of virus in their bodies and consequently, had elevated levels of chemicals called ‘cytokines’ and ‘chemokines, which essentially triggers the immune system’s inflammatory reaction.

These compounds, some of which are generated in cells lining the narrowest passages from the lungs, draw in white blood cells to attack germs. But in doing this, can flood the lungs resulting in fatal pneumonia. This is where the immune system, in attempting to do its job, does a part of this harm. This effect called’the cytokine storm’ is the current top theory as to why so many young, previously healthy people, died in the 1918-1919 pandemic known as the ‘Spanish Flu’.

Immune factor

Young adults have generally stronger immune systems, but during World War I, military camps clarified whole rows of guys turning blue-black as they fought to breath and died. What’s even scarier is that before, it had been believed that the avian flu wasn’t readily transmitted between people, because unlike seasonal flu, the virus attached itself to receptors located deep in the lungs. Now, however, additional studies have shown a surprisingly high degree of viral loads in nose and throat swabs!


In additional world conference information on the’bird flu’, as recent as early October of this year, it was further shown that the danger of a pandemic was increasing, because clinical studies have demonstrated that immunity to the two principal anti-viral medications, the Tamiflu and Amantadine drugs have already happened. As a matter of fact, a briefing paper prepared by the Britain’s Cabinet officer in the preparation of a potential pandemic crisis, estimated or suggested that 700,000 could die in Britain, in a worst-case scenario. Hit It Fast! Hit It Hard!


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