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    Did You Feel The Tenderness Of Reiki?

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    My Reiki Training started in 1998, motivated by a remote Reiki session offered to me from a nurse to aid in the recovery of my serious back operation. I accepted the invitation simply to be considerate. As I put in the sort of pain that seems like it won’t ever leave, I thought she was crazy to believe she could”send” me energy to help heal my back.

    Let’s understand it

    Christie, my nurse friend, stated at 3:00 p.m. Teddy Bear, as my stand-in and send me Reiki for about thirty minutes. Now I privately thought for certain that Christie has to be on some sort of medication that led to delusional side effects! I couldn’t imagine any chance of the so-called ener-gy thing happening to anybody, especially me. A noteworthy fact to take into account in this narrative is that because of the operation, I was bedridden and are for a couple of weeks. My days have been spent reading books and relaxing visiting friends who helped take care of me. It had been quite the learning experience to be made to obtain care this manner rather than be in a giving function as I was accustomed to as a mother and teacher. It immediately became an important lesson of humility.

    Since Christie asked 3:00 p.m. Reiki, I knew I could pay attention to what this Reiki thing would feel like. With an ever-so- little tickle of curiosity, I decided to put down my books I had been reading and prepare myself for my own”Reiki healing” that I knew nothing about and had never heard of. An astonishing thing happened to me. Instantly I effortlessly fell into a deep sleep and in precisely 3:30 I awoke feeling refreshing and peaceful. Though this might not have seemed a big deal to some folks, to me it was amazing because falling asleep was the last thing I expected. Throughout my adult life I refrained from rest taking during the afternoon, because I was not the sort of person who would just nap for twenty minutes to an hour.

    If I fell asleep, which was difficult to perform during the day, I’d sleep for many hours, which would turn my day upside down and leave me up really late into the evening. As the next few months passed and I became more powerful I awakened at 2:00 a.m. I must par- take in a Reiki Level I course. I thought. I barely ever awakened in midnight dreamland with a message. What’s happening here? I called my dear friend Denise who had been considerably more receptive to energy than she and I said,”I have been waiting for this phone call-let’s go take the course together!” My appetite for Reiki started and quickly I was humbled and in awe of the power and tenderness of the healing phenomenon. After 13 years of practicing Reiki as a professional and Master instructor, so many courses continue to make hundreds of awakenings for me.

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    What then?

    In the fall of 2010 I had been encouraged to take a position as a Reiki therapist for a native Hospice company. Being of service to both families and customers is an honor I encounter weekly. I will allow the stories speak for themselves in the expectation that you might encounter a glimpse into the lives of many extraordinary and courageous human beings. As you take care of a loved one who has arrived at the place of fulfilling their life or is lonely for love, my expectation is that the tenderness of Reiki will find its way to you, the people in your family and your community.

    I will begin with Hanna who suffers from great pain in her knees and overall bedridden discomfort. Instantly, once I arrive in the nursing home facility, she asks me to put my hands on her knees. Each time I see she does not want me to leave and asks me when I will return. Sometimes she cries softly when I need to go, and I feel a passionate desire to get another care system to nurture individuals that are so lonely. Reiki treatment facilities the aches she feels in several regions of her body and the aches in her spirit. Upon entering the area of Charlotte, there was classical music playing very loudly.

    The attending nurses explained that Charlotte would not talk to anybody. Her husband had died a couple of days prior, and he’d shared a room with her in this nursing center. It was so sad to see the burden of unexpressed grief that seemed to be stuffed within this enchanting woman. Slowly, ever so slowly, with the powerful help of Reiki, I managed to make a container of confidence secure enough for Charlotte to share her story with me of the immense pain she had been holding. Her husband had promised her that he wouldn’t die first, and she felt psychological – ly betrayed even though she knew it wasn’t his fault.

    Charlotte and I started speaking about her fears and feelings as Reiki sessions lasted each week. She has come to understand who I am and whispers softly to me,”You’re the woman with the hot hands and the warm heart.” This is such an endearing statement from a woman who hardly speaks and does not have any family members or friends to visit with her. Her loneliness is eased because of our Reiki sessions together, and I stand in awe, blessed to be the conduit of healing energy.

    Matilda, a woman with flowing and time-honored grey hair, has been contested with severe dementia and speaks in a jibber- jabber style during our Reiki sessions together. We’ve cultivated a strong relationship within the past several weeks. On one particular afternoon Matilda was in a very agitated state. Suddenly and with fantastic surprise, she struck me in the nose! Although I had been in temporary shock, I concurrently knew that she was really angry now. I feel it might have been good reason. Someone on staff was relegated to provide Matilda a brand new look. They took the liberty of committing Matilda a very short haircut, and I think she’d quite passionate feelings about her own hair and its attractiveness. Sometimes the best intentions by employees can unwittingly create distress for patients.

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    After moving my seat back to a safer distance, I gently administered Reiki with compassion, which Reiki has taught me well. Matilda fell silent and calm under the heat of my hands. May, a woman in her nineties and a home care patient, smiled brightly, telling her physician that Reiki is helpful to alleviate the pain in her spine places. As our visits continue, May becomes more comfortable in accepting the compassion and warmth Reiki supplies this joy-filled woman. May conveys a strong sense of senti- mindset and shows gratitude with gestures of admiration each trip. Her favourite kindness is to pick a piece of yummy chocolate and put it in my hands before I bid her farewell. Family surrounded Jo Jo when I arrived at her property. Her kids had painstakingly struggled with a number of medical decisions.

    Good to know

    Together they agreed to move her out of the hospital because they admitted that her period had arrived and as a family they wanted to comfort her at home with the services Hospice offers. Jo Jo’s kids were intrigued by the notion of Reiki and I suggested I take time with each of them before I’d go in to see their Mom. I handled Reiki to the relatives in brief lived sessions before meeting with Jo Jo. When I entered the room I felt like the Divine Spirit was present. With twinkling music filling the air, there was a brilliant, picturesque scene, using a window with sunlight beaming in on blossoms in colorful large vases which summarized the area like a matted frame.

    As I approached this girl who was clearly starting her journey of transition, I felt like I was being filled with her light. The love in this home was real. There was an essence of understanding that she lived a lifetime creating love. She had been taking that love with her while creating a legacy of love to live on for centuries to come. I gently put my hands on Jo Jo as she came in and out of consciousness. As I touched her face I could practically feel the years of pleasure embedded inside her. Such serenity infused the area, and I felt honored to be participating in the adventure. The family asked if I could return the following day and I honored their request. Little did I realize what a sacred moment I was going to partake in.

    A moment of pure light and love enveloped the area as I had been given the sacred chance to take part in her final breath. It was a gorgeous time for me and for all her kids to witness such a calm and spirit-filled departure of the girl they loved so very much. Katie, for whom I’ve written a poem, is a true inspiration to anyone who encounters her exquisite presence. Her heroic story contains the barbarous beginning of Lou Gehrig’s disease when she was only 63 years old. Through the power of love and unwavering determination that this woman is living much longer than formerly forecasted. Over the past several months the ability to speak has become minimal and this has been quite frustrating for Katie.

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    Final note

    Suddenly, as if documents were immediately being downloaded, Katie started writing poetry virtually daily, creating communication of extreme inspiration. She whispers the words of amazing poetry in a style of dictation as her husband kinds furiously trying to keep up. Recently Katie’s functions are being published in a book of poetry which will teach many people the power of existence. Katie loves Reiki. Our sessions are weekly or biweekly, and they provide a cascading peace for Katie in a time when both her talking and breathing become increasingly harder. Katie lives on today as a model of one who partakes in a ladle of pleasure and just a spoonful of sorrow.


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