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    Har du brug for naturlige midler mod migræne?

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    The biggest study of migraines ever ran, the American Prevalence and Prevention Study (AMPP), found that migraines affect 12 percent of Americans older than 12 – three quarters of them women. Nine out of ten migraine sufferers report having the ability to function normally during a migraine, and nearly three in 10 need bedrest, preferably in a darkened room with no sensory stimuli.


    Migraines also cause more than 1 quarter of victims to miss at least one day of work on a three-month interval and about 30 per cent to bypass social or family activities. Nobody knows really causes migraines, but experts suspect both hereditary and hormonal influences. Hormonal factors likely account for the fact that migraine affects three women for every guy. It’s believed that internal hormonal causes in the hypothalamus gland may impair the pain modulation centers in the brain.

    But recent studies have linked mutations of certain genes into a migraines, even though most people with typical migraine do not carry these mutations. Lifestyle factors such as smoking, inactivity, excessive caffeine, and overuse of drugs may also raise migraine risk. It is among the most painful conditions known to people. Unlike headaches, migraines typically involve throbbing, nausea, and/or sensitivity to sound or light. Moreover, migraines hurt more and last longer.

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    Some migraine sufferers experience auras typified by blurred vision or other visual changes. Those auras have a really good use as they sound an alarm bell and act as a warning of this excruciating headache to come that lets affected folks take action to ward off the migraine or reduce its severity, along with tunnel vision and funny shapes, auras can make individuals feel as if they have a swollen tongues and numb hands.

    Auraer kan også få dem til at kaste op. Når hovedpinen kommer, føler nogle mennesker i dag, at det føles som om nogen hamrer i hovedet på dem. Det kan vare et par dage. Angreb kan forekomme flere gange om måneden. Det er nødvendigt at have en systematisk strategi til at håndtere smerterne og også til at reducere antallet og sværhedsgraden af anfald.

    Når migrænen rammer, har nogle mennesker ikke andet valg end at krybe ned i sengen og blokere for alt lys og lyd. Nogle mennesker har udviklet forskellige metoder til at håndtere migræne, men fælles for dem alle er deres lyst til at blive ved med at eksperimentere - med medicin, livsstilsændringer, undgåelse af visse fødevarer. Nogle mennesker udvikler fødevareintolerance, især over for visse fødevarer som f.eks. chokolade, ost og nødder,

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    If these are identified triggers, they ought to be avoided. It’s important to eat at regular intervals and to drink at least 8 glasses of filtered water every day. Always avoid skipping meals. A nutritious diet and regular exercise help to keep your body and mind in good shape. It’s important to make certain that the tendons and muscles in the body stay calm and relaxed, so that nervous tension can be prevented. What about a great hot bath? Natural remedies can be safe and effective solutions for migraines.Take activity today, the first priority is the health.



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