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    Do You Got Changing Skills?

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    Do find it hard to cancel an old habit? Are you one of the people who can say the words and automatically change your behaviors? Wait – can you opt to go on a diet and immediately begin eating less and see a weight loss in the first week? Speed reading is an acquired habit also. It requires little changes from the way you’re reading since 3rd grade, and such modifications require an attempt (behave ), of will.


    All command requires effort – there is not any other way. Any change of habitual behaviour demands a shift in your thinking and beliefs. Would you expect change to be 1-2-3? A choice is also essential to extinguish an old, harmful habit. Second, attempt is a derivative of Motivation. Alcoholics and addicts attempt to give up a mean of twenty-times within their lifetime. They attend group-seminars such as Alcoholics Anonymous, frequently see health therapists, and are frequently monitored by social workers.

    Still, only 5-15% triumph forever. Motivation has been moved to action to change. Third, to change requires a new assumption (belief), your actions (behaviors), will lead to success. No beliefs, no changes. In the face of a habit we feel helpless and hopeless and don’t think based on personal experience, that change is possible. We change only if our motives seem radically advantageous and necessary. That’s the reason why just wanting to alter always fails.

    New habit

    Find the positive reasons to make a new habit. You may record 99 reasons why snailing is poor. First and foremost you have to defeat a lack of hope, and a sense of helplessness. You need to have a target – a burning desire to learn speed reading – not only a simple want to appear smart in front of your peers. The key for overcoming any addiction is repetition in the new approach.

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    A bit Deranged! He said we don’t notice it as it’s a means of life and common to our species. Freud agreed with Buddha, and called it the Universal Neurosis in Man. We call it chronic-stress. It causes your pulse to race, you breathing to be shallow, and your immune system to weaken, resulting in heart disease, stroke and cancer.


    Meditation for 30 minutes each day, releases psychological and physical stress. Chanting and heavy breathing decreases, and even eliminates chronic stress. The goal is to decrease your stress hormones degree. The key to removing the stress hormones is by soothing your body and mind by altering control from the Sympathetic Nervous System (fight-or-flight), to your Parasympathic Nervous System – deep comfort. You move from Adrenaline into Acetylcholine neurotransmitters, from chronic stress to reassurance, and self-control through deep relaxation. You’ve got self-control to prevent blowing-up in your significant-other, children, and business associates.

    You exercise self-control in traffic and in handling sales-clerks. You take control of how you respond to your surroundings, as it impacts your behaviours and feelings. Your frustration level gets manageable, and you become reasonable and logical. Another thing – your health improves, and you make better choices.

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    Here’s a hint

    Your mental visualizations – the mental-movies you perform as a constant Loop, governs your thinking and behaviours. Decisions are always emotional, tracked by your believing. Change to favorable mental-imagery, and your feelings follow your mental-movies, strengthening your ability to succeed. It doesn’t end after you walk off, you keep replaying the quarrelsome scene endlessly, and hours later you’re still mad and not thinking clearly.

    A loop is the repetition of this experience with its own sounds, colour and feelings. Each time you listen to it you become stressed-out once more. You’ve got self-talk, sub-vox, and think of what you should have said and done to win the battle. Remember – when you’re psychological – male or female, adult or kid – you aren’t thinking with logic and reason. You say and do things that quicken the dispute, not act as a calming effect. Your real, genuine and actual self wishes to reject chronic stress, but your ego enjoys a great fight. Choose who is your boss-of-you.


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