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    Does A Chiropractic Treatment Cure Scoliosis?

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    Scoliosis is”a lateral curvature in the normally straight vertical line of the backbone”. In layman’s terms, the backbone has a sideways curve in the form of a “S” or “C”. If the curve is at or above 60 degrees, then scoliosis can be seen visually because of the patient’s shoulders and waist becoming irregular.

    Kinds od scoliosis

    The true cause of the several kinds of scoliosis is now unknown. Some people have it when they’re born, noticed during adolescence/early 20’s, or in the subsequent years of the life (it is more common in children and adults 18-25). Every circumstance is unique to that specific patient. Whether the scoliosis is severe or mild, there’ll be some degree of stiffness and pain. Getting in to find a chiropractor as soon as possible is the first step in the rehabilitation procedure.

    How is scoliosis diagnosed? In some, the curvature of the spine is detectable, while others require special testing to create an accurate diagnosis. The main test is known as an”Adams Forward Bending” test. Additionally, there are other reliable tests such as X-rays and palpation, orthopedic, and neurological testing to ascertain the extent of the harm that’s been caused by scoliosis. The chiropractor will also take a detailed history of the patient’s medical history, family’s medical history, in addition to work-related and/or recreational/daily actions.

    How is scoliosis treated?

    The methods of treatment is dependent upon the severity of the disease. Traditional methods are using an orthopedic brace, moist heat, and operation. Using an orthopedic brace helps prevent the spine from further curvature. It holds it in place but doesn’t restrict (most or all ) of the patients freedom or disrupt daily or recreational pursuits. Moist heat is used to reduce stiffness and pain. If it’s an extreme case, surgery may be required. Spinal Fusion Surgery places rods and hooks along the backbone to stop any additional curvature. There’s also positioning of a spinal cord screen to lower the odds of paralysis.

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    This kind of therapy is the absolute last resort, because of the high risk factor for further complications or injury. Use of a chiropractor for treating scoliosis is gaining respect and popularity among patients and within the medical community. It’s now considered a reasonable and practicable form of health care. It not only treats the present condition, but prevents this condition from worsening.

    Additionally, it assists in the prevention of new medical issues rising to the surface. A vast majority of patients that suffer from scoliosis, and have used this kind of therapy, showed dramatic positive effects in the dimensions of the spinal curves. Studies also showed that following chiropractic care patients saw an increase in overall stability and even a entire correction of the spinal column. Essentially, it has enhanced their quality of life and also diminished the demand for more traditional techniques of care. After an initial assessment, the physician and the patient’s doctor will decide which treatments are the most helpful and produce an optimal outcome.

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    Good to know

    Some of the chiropractic treatment choices are spinal manipulation, shoe lifts, electrical stimulation, and isotonic or other exercise methods. It’ll be up to the chiropractor and the patient’s doctor which of the above methods will be utilized. If none of the above methods will work, they will refer the individual to a specialist. It’s important to not forget that for any treatment to work, routine visits to a primary care doctor, specialist (if any), and chiropractor. They can monitor the progress of a patient during the rehabilitation procedure.


    This will let them determine if the current treatment is working or if any changes will need to be made. Scoliosis is a condition that has to be treated by a team of health care professionals. Their aim is to increase muscular strength, and enhance mobility. Additionally, it will help the individual become more independent, and which makes them less dependent on drugs by decreasing pain/soreness and stiffness. Get with a doctor and chiropractor today and begin enjoying all that life offers.


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