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Lice infestations can strike anyone, regardless of age or social status. Head scratching is a sign of an infestation. Lice are most common in children. Lice are tiny, bloodsucking insects that live in the head and hair of people. Lice bites can cause itching and leave red marks on the scalp. There are many natural ways to get rid of lice.

Remedios caseros

This problem has been treated with home remedies for head lice. These remedies range from using topical treatments that have been developed to traditional manual methods that have been used for many generations. While many commercial products advocates do not recommend home remedies, there is some evidence that they can be used in conjunction with these treatments.

Preventing lice infestations is the best way to manage them. Proper sanitation and hygiene are the best ways to prevent lice infestations. It is not a good idea to share clothing with someone who is infected as this could be one way the infestation can spread. The prevention of spreading the infestation would be achieved by proper inspection and early detection of other family members.

Nits Removal

The infestation can be stopped by removing the nits from a person’s hair. The tried-and-true method of brushing hair after an infestation is detected is the best for nit removal. To pull out eggs (nits or lice) from a person’s hair, they use lice combs. Flea combs are also recommended by others as they work better than the available lice combs. A comb can also be used to remove nits from the hair or scalp. It is also recommended to wash your hair with oil and vinegar.

You should apply equal amounts of oil and vinegar to your hair, and then cover it with a shower cap for approximately an hour. In combination with olive oil, tea tree oil, and eucalyptus oils, other oils have been recommended for lice treatment. After shampooing the hair, you can wash it with regular shampoo. You can also use hair-straightening irons to kill lice after you have finished brushing. This is because lice and nits would not survive heat.


Lice infestation treatment focuses mainly on the killing and removal of lice and nits. While home remedies for head lice may not prove effective, the bottom line is that lice infestation can be ended if the lice and the nits are removed. The solution to lice problems is possible with proper use of the methods and techniques that have been listed. These methods can be combined with some trial and error.