¿Cómo tratar al instante el dolor de cabeza sinusal?

Sinus headaches can be caused by swelling or inflammation in the sinuses. These headaches can be caused by allergies, sinus stuffiness, and cold. If the problem is severe, it is best to seek medical attention. If it is not, you can try home remedies.

Remedios caseros

A simple home remedy for sinus headache relief is to soak a small towel in warm water and place it on your forehead. Once the towel has warmed up, you can remove it and re-do the same thing. The best thing about homemade remedies for sinus headaches? They don’t have any side effects whatsoever.

Another way to relieve sinus headaches is to darken your room and sleep there for an hour. This is temporary relief, but it is not a cure. Eating jalapeno peppers and chilies is a quick home remedy for this problem. They help to drain the sinuses. The sinuses can also be cleared by inhaling steam. This method is more effective if you add a few drops peppermint oil to the boiling water. Peppermint oil is a natural decongestant that helps to clear the sinuses.

¿Lo sabías?

You can also make your own remedies to relieve sinus headaches. Applying a simple paste of cinnamon powder and water to the forehead will provide relief. A layer of dry ginger paste and water can be applied to the forehead. You can also add ten to twelve basil leaves and cloves to this paste to increase its effectiveness.

Sinusitis can cause severe headaches. One simple remedy is to warm your feet and apply a cold compress to the forehead. It is important to drink plenty of water and other hot fluids such as soups, broths, and teas whenever you get a cold. An excellent sinus treatment is to increase your water intake.


This will help keep your nasal discharge small and keep the pressure inside the cavities down to prevent headaches from developing. You can also avoid sinus headaches by taking precautions such as washing your nose daily, using a humidifier, and inhaling steam. These homemade remedies will give you great results if you don’t want to suffer from the side effects of prescription medications.