¿Qué hay de cierto en las migrañas del embarazo?

It is a fact that migraines are more common in women than in men. Numerous studies have shown that migraines are more common in women than in men. The body’s hormone levels fluctuate during pregnancy. This is why it is common for women to experience migraines during pregnancy. Two types of headaches are common in pregnant women.

Tension Headache

The first is the tension headache. This is caused by stress, fatigue, allergies, or dehydration. This is the most common type, which affects 80 percent of them. Twenty percent of women experience pregnancy migraine. This is more severe and lasts longer. These migraines are caused by pressure on the nerves and brain arteries dilation.

This pressure can cause severe, throbbing pain, which can be quite debilitating. The pain can be accompanied by nausea, vomiting, visual disturbances called aura, fatigue, and appetite loss. A pregnancy migraine usually appears in the first trimester. It will then decrease in frequency and intensity over the following months. The severity and frequency of migraines can be affected by changes in hormone levels, especially estrogen. They could be reduced or increased.


Some women experience their first migraines during pregnancy, while others who have had it before pregnancy notice a decrease in migraine episodes. The migraine attacks can be painful but not dangerous for the baby’s mother. It is important to seek professional medical attention for treatment. This is to ensure that headaches are not caused by other illnesses or conditions.

The physician must find the right balance between providing the best treatment and ensuring that the fetus does not suffer. Preventive measures are the best option. Avoid the use of medication as much as possible.

Tratamientos naturales

Natural treatments that don’t involve drugs should be used. These include deep breathing, yoga, stretching, meditation, and deep breathing. These techniques have been proven to reduce migraine attacks in pregnancy and prevent stress. You can also find relief by sleeping in a darkened room, applying a cold compress, or going to bed.

To prevent attacks, you can also take other measures. Regular light exercise can bring you great benefits. Avoid trigger foods and substances like chocolate, cheese, coffee, MSG, and other stimulants.


A woman can find joy in anticipating her baby’s birth, but she also has to deal with emotional and physical changes that can be very distressing. Pregnancy migraines can increase a woman’s anxiety. There are treatments that can make this time of life more exciting.


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