¿El ácido ganodérico equilibra las hormonas?

Medicinal mushrooms have been used for several years in the eastern hemisphere of the planet. The health properties in Medicinal mushrooms are proven to have many therapeutic qualities that could help many parts of the human body. In reality these therapeutic qualities really work with the body by boosting the immune system and improving the body’s natural ability to heal itself.


That’s right, the body was made to heal itself. The issue is with these hormonal induced foods, laboratory created foods and a complete collection of other items, the natural ability is diminished and therefore decay and disease sets in. These kinds of things are extremely widespread in the western hemisphere of the world, but less in other countries. It’s funny because a lot of the ingredients in our daily food are fairly tough to pronounce and I do not think that is a fantastic thing.

Anyway go have a look around the net about medicinal mushrooms. There are some mushrooms which have been used for many centuries and these cultures are learning more and more about the health advantages they have. One mushroom I know of has 3 active ingredients in it which have enormous benefits attached to it, I’ll list those ingredients to your reading. These active ingredients include Polysaccharides which stimulate and regulate the immune system.

Ganoderic Acid

Which balance hormones, protects liver, is anti inflammatory and anti-tumor. Another active ingredient which was identified in medicinal mushrooms was Adenosine which raises wound recovery rate, neuro-protective and a coronary vasodilator. There’s a culture which actually calls one important medicinal mushroom the herb of longevity. This identical culture has revered this mushroom for over 5000 years for its role in creating good luck, happiness, health, beauty and longevity.

There’s a reason why medicinal mushrooms have been in existence for many centuries and that’s because they work. The Medicinal mushroom I’m referring to is the Lingzhi mushroom. This mushroom has many names one being the Reishi mushroom. If you do some research in these mushrooms you will realize that a lot of individuals have good things to say about these. I know I recorded many advantages earlier, but those listed above are just scratching the surface. The Lingzhi mushroom is the most researched mushroom ever.

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