¿Existen estrategias antienvejecimiento?

Everybody wants to appear young and remain young. Unfortunately, you’re considering yourself as young now; by tomorrow, you might not be so sure when you look more closely at yourself in the mirror. Aging is as inescapable as dying, and nobody can turn back the clock. The Creator has genetically programmed everybody to age and to die to be able to guarantee human mortality.


What we can do is to slow down the aging process, so that we may live a bit longer and have a greater quality of life as we approach our inevitable end. To fight aging, we want anti-aging approaches. Among the most significant anti-aging approaches is time. To slow down the aging process, time is of essence. It’s essential to worry about aging as early as possible, so that positive actions might be taken to fight aging, as the consequences of aging are cumulative.

Dr. Huber Warner of the National Institute on Aging (NIA) once remarked:”The issues that cause aging are cumulative, and the earlier you start correcting them, the better off you’re in the long term.” So among the most significant anti-aging strategies is to begin fixing problems accountable for rapid aging as early as you can.

Estilo de vida

Changing wayward lifestyle is correcting a few of the problems resulting in accelerated aging. Stop smoking and alcohol dependence. Cigarette smoke damages the immune system. The tar in cigarette smoke consists of chemicals, poisons, and corrosives, such as hydrogen cyanide and carbon monoxide, which disrupts your heart and other organ tissues of oxygen that is essential for optimal functioning. Remember, what’s bad for your heart is also bad for the mind.

A healthy brain is vital to anti-aging. Cigarette smoking can also be one the significant contributors to the development of autoimmune diseases caused by a diminished and an aging immune system. Excess drinking of alcohol can lead to alcoholism, which damages the liver and the immune system. Therefore, smokers and drinkers include at least ten years or more to their calendar age. Other lifestyle changes you will need to make may include sleep deprivation. Don’t be a thief of time by sleeping less.

Tenga en cuenta

Sleep deprivation may cause sleeplessness and other health issues further down the street. Maintaining physical strength is one of those important anti-aging approaches. When you’re physically powerful, you retard the aging procedure. Unfortunately, physical strength declines with age. As you become less powerful, you have less energy, resulting in reduced physical actions and muscle flaws; and thus a vicious circle of inertia and decreased physical strength is shaped.

Immobility is the No.1 cause of accelerated aging among the elderly. Remember, it’s never too late to take up weight training to improve muscle strength to slow down the aging procedure. Eating right is also among the anti-aging strategies which you might embrace to retard aging. Food is a double-edge sword: it may provide you health, but it might also cause death of cells. To remain fitter and younger for longer, eat natural and whole foods, not their processed counterparts, like the ones that come in boxes or packages from the supermarket.

Read food labels

If you see many ingredients aside from the food itself, most likely, the food thing is packed with chemicals and additives. If you eat right, you become fitter, and you’re less likely to find a doctor who may provide you a prescription medication, which is also a poisonous chemical. Periodic body detox for health care not only protects but also rejuvenates the body.

Among the simplest ways for body detox is fasting, which is abstinence from food for a time period. In fasting, drink only water or juices; the aim of a fast is to provide the human body and its digestive system a significant break. Stress hormones adversely affect the immune system, resulting in disease and accelerated aging. Relaxation of the body and the brain is one of those anti-aging strategies which you may acquire through training, such as meditation.


Adequate restful sleep — sleep without the help of drugs — is conducive to mind and body relaxation. Dr. Douglas Whitehead, a urologist, once said:”Giving up on sex at any age can be symbolically giving up on life.” To put it differently, maintaining sexual health at any age can also be one of the natural powerful ant-aging approaches to keep the body healthy and the brain sound. There are, obviously, many other anti-aging approaches. The most important thing is that you need to not just look young, but also feel and act young.


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