¿Existen opciones de tratamiento para la enfermedad de Crohn?

Treatment options for Crohn’s disease depends largely on the severity of the illness as well as the sections of the digestive tract which are affected by the illness. The threat of complications, in addition to answers to previous treatments is considered before deciding on any treatment option.

Crohn’s Disease

The treatments for Crohn’s disease do not necessarily entail treating the Crohn’s itself, but instead the symptoms that go with the disease such as abdominal pain, diarrhea and rectal bleeding. There are no remedies, as yet for Crohn’s disease. A fantastic number of Crohn’s patients will undergo surgery sooner or later. Surgery is typically only recommended when there are severe and severe complications, but it might also be selected for elective reasons.

Some of the conditions that require surgery are excessive bleeding, perforation of the bowel, intestinal obstruction, formation of an abscess or toxic megacolon. Some of the reasons you may consider operation is if your current medical treatments are not as successful as they once were, or they can’t control the pain, weight loss fever or extreme fatigue which are symptoms of your ailment.


Another reason elective surgery may be an alternative is when the side effects of your Crohn’s therapy have become too much for you to endure. Patients with Crohn’s disease shouldn’t be fearful of surgery since it will help to relieve the complications of this disease, and preserve bowel. Not just that, an whole medical care team including a physician, anesthesiologist and primary physician will deal with the surgery so that you can be sure of a successful, well tolerated procedure.

A present there’s no medication that will cure your Crohn’s disease; nevertheless there are medications that are used for curing the symptoms that go with Crohn’s. Drug therapies vary from one individual to another and are usually custom-designed to match every individual. The Aminosalicylates are excellent for patients with mild to moderate illness. This medication is used to reach or maintain remission.


While there’s no concrete evidence that these drugs are effective in treating Crohn’s, they are prescribed often since many patients can tolerate the medication quite well, and experience few side effects. For patients that don’t respond well to these drugs, corticosteroids are a excellent choice since these drugs control inflammation and induce remission. Although, these drugs are effective, they could cause some substantial side effects like increased receptiveness to disease, mood swings, stress, depression, elevated blood pressure, glaucoma, cataracts and osteoporosis.

Because of this, doctors gradually lower the dose you’re taking after remission is achieved. Antibiotics are used to treat several ailments not only Crohn’s disease. They are particularly beneficial in patients with fistulas, and may be combined with other drugs. These medications are used to delay the recurrence of Crohn’s disease. Immuno-suppressives are medications that suppress the immune system. They are effective but can cause some side effects like nausea, vomiting, liver issues or inflammation of the pancreas. These drugs work by suppressing the bone marrow and because of this the immune reaction.

Efectos secundarios

Due to their side effects, regular monitoring is necessary while you’re taking this medicine, such as blood testing and routine visits to your physician. Biologic Therapy is the most recent addition to treatments for Crohn’s disease, and is the first drug to be accepted by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for treating Crohn’s. What makes this medication so powerful is the fact it is an antibody that blocks that tumor necrosis factor.

Since Crohn’s disease is a disorder of the digestive tract, it’s crucial for each Crohn’s patient to pay particular attention to the foods that they consume. Proper choice of food is important so as to reduce symptoms and promote recovery.

Formas naturales

Nutritional supplements are given particularly to children with Crohn’s growth was slowed down by the illness. A special high calorie liquid formula may be used for this purpose. There might also be patients who need feeding through the veins. Constant research aimed toward the discovery of effective treatments for Crohn’s disease offers patients great hope that a cure will be found due to their disease. If you suspect you’ve got Crohn’s disease, you should first consult with your primary care physician prior to taking other measures. Careful monitoring and diagnosis is the key to living comfortably with Crohn’s.


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