¿Qué es el pan de abeja?

I have some good news for you if you are looking for natural energy that is both healthy and effective for your body and mind. Bee pollen can provide all the energy you require. Bee pollen, also known as bee bread, is a great source of natural energy. It is also full of goodness. And I mean “packed full”.

Factor nutricional

Although it has never been proven that pollen can sustain life on its own, it does contain every nutrient our bodies need. The average honey bee pollen sample contains 55% carbohydrates and 35% proteins, which is interestingly more than meat. The majority of honey bee pollen is composed of protein and carbohydrates, with the remainder being vitamins, minerals, fatty acid, enzymes, and so on.

Many people have asked me whether the bee pollen that you can purchase in health food stores is the same as the pollen found on flowers in the garden. Although bees do collect pollen from flowers and then transport it back to the hives, the pollen that you can buy in stores is first processed by the bees. The beauty of it is that it is not processed by humans.

Tenga en cuenta

The worker bees transport the pollen to the hive, then give it to other worker bees who pack it into cells. The pollen is mixed together with nectar, enzymes, bacteria, and a variety of micro organisms. This is what one buys in stores. Although they may be small, these bees put in a lot of work. They don’t just add any fungi or bacteria. They can add up to 188 types of fungi and as many as 30 kinds of bacteria.

All of these are necessary for the conversion of pollen into bread. Honey bees are able to eat bread because it is what keeps them fed. Bee pollen has been known for its ability to boost energy, especially among athletes who used to eat it just before an event. Although it is still popular, many athletes are becoming more dependent on modern energy drinks that are not legal. It is clear that bee pollen (or bee bread, if you prefer) is the best natural energy for your body and mind.

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