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Did your psychological and physical responses loosen up a bit since reading Part 1? Otherwise, please take a mobile phone selfie and email it to me immediately. I’ve been pretty set in my own ways when it comes to practicing nutritional supplements that are specific. Sometimes my beliefs become lost over the shadowy forces of the Galatic Empire.


I think many people feel frustrated hearing fresh eclectic food suggestions, particularly when it’s contrary to our present nutritional practice. We get extremely focused on exact means of eating due to the results we’ve struck or by the hopes we have after hearing someone else’s story. Thank goodness I had a few Yoda’s in my entire life to remind me to pull the celery stick forces from my ass, letting me stay open and receptive to new information.

Now wait 1 garsh darn second! Did this mean that my physical appearance then was not a valid display my health was celestial? This could not be so. Having low body fat, a lean body, and attractive abs DID NOT MEAN I WAS HEALTHY.

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My motive for eating mostly low glycemic vegetables, beans & grains, and carbohydrates which have little to no sugar was probably quite much like the other carbo-phobes. I followed the people that preached and wrote about how eating the carbs high is organic sugar will result in weight gain, blood sugar imbalances, and disorder. I was the man who juiced vegetables three times a week, ate raw and cooked veggies every day, rarely ate bread based items, and swallowed a few sprouted grains and beans.

Every week I’d nourish myself with organic meats and wild caught seafood, used just olive and olive oil, downed a wheatgrass a few times a month, and stayed hell-bent with one or two cheat times each week. How’s that to be healthy? My mind was not fully happy and free. I ate plenty of carbs, but I kept consuming those who provided very minimal cellular energy, warmth, and metabolic value. The carbs in my life were barely increasing my blood sugar.

Maybe this was part of the issue. Under no circumstance was I eating the wrong kinds of carbohydrates. It could not be part of the issue. Numerous individuals have lost weight, reversed illness, and cured their conditions by doing juice fasts, going raw, and eating mostly above ground carbohydrates. In no way am I ignoring the health transformations which people have gone through from those supplements practices.

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My clean eating manners have been loyal for fifteen decades. There have been different reasons that have helped me enjoy a new doctrine. I chose to learn about the body on another level. Studying our bodies requires some time, and I still learn plenty as the days go on. I decided to research and understand carbs, protein, and fat. It’s not just about deciding on the best kinds of captivating carbohydrates which are supportive for your own physiology. Digestible fats and proteins are really essential.

The best way to sleep, think, relax, and juggle life are critical components also. There’s a continued reminder in my mind to just enjoy food also. Food is pleasurable and pleasure is fun! Do you recall the numerous symptoms that I recorded after that statement? If any of these symptoms resonate with you, I would like you to look at starting this procedure by modifying the kinds of carbohydrates you’re eating.

What forms of carbohydrates supply reduced cravings, thyroid support, simplified digestion, body temperature regulation, steady blood glucose, and highly effective octane to your tank? These things have one powerful thing in common. You’ve probably been told to consume minimal amounts or operate far away from these kinds of carbohydrates, right? Since my shake, I see these as truly digestible sugars and attractive carbohydrates. I look at these foods differently today, and have undergone the nourishing power of those.


When we start to comprehend the harsh realities of undigestible cellulose and the de-energizing effects of Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acids, there’s a change in what we decide to put in our mouth. Understanding the value of glucose oxidation over lipid peroxidation has turned my world upside down. Bit by bit, I continue to stay open and learn. Most of my supplements re-education stemmed from the same instructor, who started teaching a course known as the Metabolic Blueprint.

This way of eating is a really different yet powerful philosohpy in comparison with the mainstream nutritional ways. Keep in mind that this announcement is only a smidgen of meals physiology. There’s far more to the discussion of attractive carbohydrates. I could keep writing about different scientific pieces I have learned from their class, or by other researchers (Dr. Ray Peat as an illustration ) who write about authentic food physiology. That would probably bore the hell out of you. I would like you to enjoy this process with as little boredom as you can.

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Start using fruits and root vegetables as your principal carb choices. You don’t need to chuck your whole bin of cruciferous veggies and leafy greens. Simply select two fruits or a single root to consume per week, and then continue to add a new one every other week. Soon enough, you’ll have many different new restorative carbohydrates incorporated into your meals. Don’t forget to pair them with a wholesome protein and fat also!

How powerful is the desire to raise your metabolism, improve daily vitality, improve detoxification, fortify the immune system, or balance your hormones? Picture that want and increase it’s power by giving yourself permission to start a new re-education and food exploration procedure. Consider the prospect of feeling more energetic, appearing super hot, and moving your body in a younger way. Remember the bewildered mobile phone selfie picture you took at the start of this journey?

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