¿Qué pasa con las personalidades anteriores?

Deeply buried inside your subconscious mind are several personalities from previous incarnations. That’s the reason why most individuals are laden with moods that are remnants of previous personalities. You might not be born with charisma but you might have had lots of it in previous incarnations.


You may develop charisma and bring your previous talents by learning what charisma is and how to cultivate it. Charisma is magnetism and magnetism gives some the ability to hypnotize almost anyone into doing almost anything, as one of its by-products will make you more persuasive and gives you the ability to influence people. First, if you wish to influence people you need to connect with them emotionally and physically.

You need to unload your extra baggage of any personal issues or problems that may distract you. Second, your quiet vibrations are gold once you smile and make eye contact. Third, your magnetism enables people to open themselves to your charm. Fourth, your speech has to be persuasive and clear with just the perfect amount of quantified conviction.

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If you lie or exaggerate, or suffer with talkativeness, the words you say are as ineffective and useless as toy bullets taken out of a plastic gun. With words which are always truthful and honest, they will have just the opposite effect. Fifth, your ability to listen to people and their needs makes you more trustworthy and empathetic on your communication. Not many people realize you could steal magnetism from other people. The second you start looking into somebody’s eyes there’s a magnet of energy being traded. Shaking hands forms a magnet and the weakest one steals the vibration from the other.

You’re exchanging these vibrations back and forth without your knowledge. There are lots of distinct forms of magnetism, so take care once you shake hands and that which you associate with because in case you swap your vibrations with a wicked and immoral person you will attract their negativity to you. Beware of creating the attracting power of “animal magnetism” as some kinds of snakes utilize this attracting magnetic ability to draw and charm small creatures.

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Physically-minded men and women are attracted by animal magnetism. This sort of magnetic exchange between teens of the opposite sex awakens emotions and blinding passions drawing all kinds of destructive behaviour to themselves. It’s detrimental to permit oneself to physically or emotionally come under the semi-hypnotic influence of someones’ animal magnetism as you will be always blinded by the stronger character. When the mind is filled with bias an individual can be secretly guided directly or wrongly by another individual’s judgment.

Some kinds of magnetism are extremely desirable to have. There’s wealth magnetism, mental magnetism, bodily magnetism, and spiritual magnetism. Spiritual magnetism is the greatest of them all. Those that are spiritually magnetized have everything. And the reason behind this is that if every cell of your body is magnetized you attract the one which provides all. Amplifying the power of your spiritual magnetism can assist you in every way possible. We see that the universal laws to attract and repulse functioning here.

Powerful magnets attract from larger distances than magnets which are smaller and poorer. A strong mental magnet can attract a human being from a good distance, irregardless of the obstacles and boundaries. When you have mental magnetism linked to the heart, borders mean nothing. So as to clothe yourself in clothes of magnetism, learn how to control yourself, have kind words, positive actions and actions. And most importantly, to be a super magnet by changing yourself, you’ll need to come within range and connect yourself with religious magnetic giants.


If you combine with the wrong people their silent vibrations will affect you in the contrary way. As the monkey loves to imitate, you do not need to be fighter like by imitating the qualities and mannerisms of others without having the ability to become real, but blind imitation is much better than nothing so long as the standard is high. To have a successful business you must develop the ability of charisma and possess the attracting power of magnetism; couple individuals possess this power of magnetism, but most do have some latent power within themselves.

Magnetism is the attracting force which like gravity pulls everything unto you. It not only brings the ideal business associates, material prosperity, friends, the ideal wife or the ideal husband, but if your magnetism is incorrect you will draw the incorrect relationships and incorrect everything else. Magnetism isn’t self confidence. Self confidence doesn’t attract the bees into the blossom; it’s the odor of the magnetism the blossom exudes through its delicate beauty that even once you crush it, it still exudes its odor. There are three chief principles through which one gains magnetism.

Spiritual magnetism

The first principle is spiritual magnetism. You have to eliminate hatred and revenge with stability and fairness, which can make you more magnetic. If you combine with the wrong people their silent vibrations will affect you in the contrary way. The next principle is psychological magnetism. The sure way to mental magnetism is to never be afraid of anything. You have to know fear is anxiety itself. Fear cripples the will to resist on your conscious mind. Regardless of what your fear is, you’ve got the power to fight.

God never checks us with more than we could manage. When your nerves aren’t calm, fear will ruin your initiative and paralyze the desire of producing successful efforts. The next principle is physical magnetism. This will require that you rid your body of toxins that poisons your system by weakening the energy in you from faulty elimination, bad eating habits and other transgressions that weaken your immune system. When your body has been cleaned out or purified, your energy will reveal itself through your eyes and expressions and your body will exude magnetism.

Nota final

Each time you move your hands or body you’re ejecting magnetism. You have to associate yourself with successful people, so you might slip their magnetism and remember it’s not five minutes or your money back. Prolonged periods of time will be required. Don’t associate yourself with lowlifes because environment is a lot stronger than will power. The company of sick individuals may make you sickness-conscious through erroneous magnetic-vibrations, that ought to be conquered.

Good habits magnetize as a horseshoe magnet adheres to and won’t let go of particles of iron. Those who would like to achieve success should mix with successful individuals; the business of successful people is a excellent antidote for failure. Juvenile or childish desires belong to mundane, earthly people and therefore 1 day will let you understand the futility of your hard work to simply obtain wealth or material magnetism.

We will stop wasting time in magnetizing naturally material objects and amplify the power of spiritual magnetism which brings all goodness; therefore, there’ll be no need any longer to apply the lesser forms of magnetism for anything else since you’ll have it all. All bodily desires are perishable unlike religious desires which are imperishable. If you’ve lost a diamond and you attempt to substitute it with a chunk of broken glass to suit yourself, you are headed for disillusionment. You won’t find a missing diamond at a heap of broken glass as you’re searching for it at the wrong place hence in magnetizing fragments of glittering earthly pleasures, you’ll end up disgusted since it’s vainly foolish to discover lasting happiness in material things.

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