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    ¿Cuáles son los desencadenantes de la migraña?

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    Las migrañas son debilitantes, y también pueden ser dolorosas para algunas víctimas. Si tiene migrañas, es posible que no sepa qué hacer. Pero hay esperanza. Aprender qué es lo que desencadena este tipo de dolor de cabeza puede ayudar mucho a entender por qué se producen, además de cómo [...]

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    Reducing the incidence of migraines is similar to attempting to decrease the incidence of anxiety in your life. Know what brings on a migraine headache and you might find the answers. Begin by keeping a headache diary. Whenever you undergo any stage of the migraine headache process, write it down. In your headache diary, it’s also important to write down, as nearly as possible, what you’re doing right before your migraine started. What was going on in your home, work, socially? Here are a few common trigger events for migraine headaches.

    Most of us need a dose of caffeine to get us moving in the morning. However, for migraine sufferers, that caffeine, or lack of it, may be creating a significant pain in the mind. If you’re used to consuming considerable amounts of caffeinated coffee or other beverage, then bypassing that caffeine cold-turkey may result in pain in case your blood vessels have become sensitized to it. Stressful events often lead the body to induce the “fight or flight” response.

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    That’s when the body is on high alert because of impending physical danger. With stress, the threat isn’t necessarily physical but the body reacts in exactly the exact same way. Worry, anxiety, repressed feelings, and fatigue may result in increased muscle tension in and around the brain, neck, temples, and eyes. Women are the ones who mostly suffer from migraines. In cases like this, another possible culprit for migraine headaches might be the fluctuation of hormones in the body during pregnancy, puberty, each cycle, and perimenopause.

    When we do not eat and give our body the nutrition it needs it may result in a headache. Some call it a “hunger headache” but always skipping meals can intensify the frustrations and turn them into migraine episodes. The human body was not designed to digest a number of the additives and preservatives you will find in highly processed foods. These additives can cause a migraine episode in lots of men and women.

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    One well-known additive that’s problematic for most migraine sufferers is that the nitrates found in processed meats like hot dogs. The sleep cycle enables the body to shut down non-vital systems and start the work of repair. The average adult requires six to eight hours of sleep per night. When you reevaluate your sleep cycle or anxiety brings about sleeplessness, that sleep deprivation might be what’s triggering your migraine headaches. The first step to treating migraines is to learn what’s causing them. Keeping a journal of your daily activities can allow you to track down that activate. The more you understand about what’s causing your migraines, the better chance you have of fighting them off.

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