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¿Por qué las migrañas son tan perjudiciales?

If you experience severe headaches often, it is possible that you have a migraine. There are currently no known causes. However, some studies have shown that changes in brain serotonin levels could be the medical reason. This is how it works: When these levels become too low, blood vessels swell and this swelling causes unbearable pain. The brain produces this level of serotonin, and many factors can lower it.


Migraine can be caused by blood sugar, light, eating habits, estrogen and other factors. Migraine sufferers will tell you how severe their pain is and how they are unable to do their daily activities or tasks. Migraine can cause a variety of symptoms. No two migraines are the same. These symptoms include nausea, vomiting, spotty sight, severe sensitivity to light, smell, and noise. They can also cause severe throbbing pain in multiple areas of the head, confusion, exhaustion and stiffness in the shoulders, neck, and legs. Many migraine sufferers experience stronger pain when they move their head, not just their whole body.

Types Of Migraine

There are two types of migraine: the common and the classic. The first type is characterized by a change in the way you see, irritability, depression, or feeling restless. The second type, known as common migraine, begins slowly and lasts for up to three days. Light in excess, certain foods (but this can vary from person to person) and the level of estrogen within our bodies are all possible causes of migraines.

Women are more susceptible to hormonal changes and suffer from severe migraine headaches. There are many painkillers that migraine sufferers love to use and that actually work. Some people may need a prescription to indicate the medication they are prescribed based on their specific condition. You should always lie down in a dark room and apply a cold compress to your head, eyes, or both.


You can prevent migraines from ever happening by wearing sunglasses, avoiding certain foods, sleeping enough, and avoiding stress. Migraines can be very debilitating so it is important to avoid them.