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Kuidas ravida sügelevat allergilist reaktsiooni?

Early, because of milder weather and fewer crowds than through the summertime. Most outdoor lovers go prepared with comfortable shoes, sturdy tents and medical kits even, but a very important factor goes overlooked.


In case you are among the 85% of individuals who’ll have an allergic attack when subjected to poison ivy, sumac or oak, you must learn how to treat your symptoms and effectively quickly. Why is these plants poisonous actually? Urushiol, a chemical in the sap, is in charge of the common allergic attack causing a rash, blisters and severe itching.

Urushiol could be used in clothing or equipment easily, and can retain its potency for a long time if the things aren’t washed thoroughly. However, you’ve got a short window of possibility to do something before urushiol penetrates your skin. If you spot the notorious 3-leafed ivy stems, and you also know your skin layer has been around connection with this poison plant, you have about ten minutes to clean the chemical off before an allergic attack develops.

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First wipe the exposed area with generous levels of rubbing alcohol from your own medical kit and rinse well with plain water. I would recommend you do not use soap immediately, as this might spread the chemical over more of one’s skin. After rinsing, have a shower as you’ll normally. If poison ivy goes by surprise, there are plenty of natural methods to treat the outward symptoms at home.

Actually, these methods enable you to treat itching due to other factors also. The poison ivy rash can look 12 to 48 hours after exposure generally, and blisters and itching will soon follow. Although scratching cannot spread the rash, opening the blisters might trigger a infection, so do your very best to off keep the hands.

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Cold compresses bring plenty of relief, and should be utilized as often as possible for 15 to 20 minutes at the right time. To create this treatment far better even, soak the clean cloths in vinegar and water solution or perhaps a water and baking soda solution. You can even mix baking soda with handful of water to produce a paste and apply it to the infected area.


If blisters have formed already, however, these topical itch creams are too weak to greatly help much probably. Products that can help the irritating blisters include kaolin, a clay-like mineral substance, aluminum hydroxide gel, zinc acetate, zinc carbonate, or zinc oxide. Even though itch is difficult to tolerate, the poison ivy rash is going in 14 to 20 days away. For the time being, treat your skin layer and try the solutions I outlined above gently. I hope you should treat an incident of poison ivy never, but knowing how to proceed if you, a friend or perhaps a relative are exposed should provide reassurance once you venture to the fantastic outdoors this fall.