Inimese tõstetud käed ähmase kontserditausta kohal

Miks on Jumal teie arst?

You need to believe that God can help you become a better person and your life will be meaningful. If you do not have faith you do not have the guts to do what’s necessary so as to get rid of your evil self. So, you can’t succeed over all challenges. You accept the bad suggestions of your satanic anti-conscience. You don’t think that your sense of morality has a significance.

Where is God?

God is living and sends you messages that are insightful in dreams. Your faith in God isn’t based solely on your religiosity. You’ve got evidence that God exists and you can have a direct communication with Him through fantasy messages. Therefore, you have to trust God’s wisdom and always respect His commandments. You need to believe that God will help you in the situation you’re. Your faith will allow you to be with God. You will believe you’re not alone. However, so as to be with God you need to respect His principles in all situations of life, even once you feel that you’re in a terrible position.

Sometimes you must accept suffering to be able to be a better person. If you never accept discomfort you have the behaviour of a cruel demon. So, you make lots of men and women suffer. You need to accept suffering when it’s essential. You want to secure your greedy and joyful self, but this isn’t what you need to do so as to discover sound mental health. You’ve got to be a balanced individual. If you’re indifferent to what is bad because you’re selfish and lazy, your satanic anti-conscience will make the most of your irresponsible attitude and create a mental disorder in your conscience. You would like to agree with the doctrine of life of the commercial and immoral world. You don’t need to change your character even after verifying that you make many errors. However, you need to follow your physician’s guidance so as to be cured.


The intelligent and useful messages found in your dreams prove that God is the physician which you have many negative tendencies. You must change your nature and become a better person until you may attain sanctity. This is the way all your mental health issues will be entirely eliminated forever. You may attain higher consciousness and become a real genius, but you can’t arrive to this point with no map. You need to obey your physician to accomplish this goal, though you are usually disobedient because you’ve got an evil nature. You’ve got to be an obedient student and individual and just follow God’s directions, independently of your own personal opinion.

God’s wisdom

It is secure. Your opinion is dangerous as it’s based on ignorance and suppositions. This is the reason God sends you lots of warnings in fantasies. You must follow His plan and take to change your character. Your evil self has to be completely eliminated. You have the impression your evil self is essential, but this can be a misleading belief enforced by your satanic anti-conscience. You don’t have to be bad in any circumstance. You should be sensitive and wise in all situations of life. You have to respect God’s commandments and genuinely want to attain sanctity. Science helped humankind discover the significance of dreams and faith, the presence of God, and the presence of Satan. Now you’ve got scientific explanations which help you recognize the significance of every religion.