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Voiko Reiki parantaa etäältä?

A strong Reiki technique is known as distance healing. It permits you to send healing energy to anyone or anyplace, even thousands of miles apart. It’s taught in Reiki level two. In this course the student learns how to apply this ancient symbol to open the pathway to the individual or place needing energy, crossing all boundaries of space and time.

Modern days

It may be thought of as like prayer, or in this modern day, such as sending an email or accessing the net. Most commonly, Reiki could be sent”at the current time” to the receiver who’s sick at home or at the hospital. Perhaps they’ve just had surgery or have a challenging physical or psychological illness to handle. Reiki can be sent only once or”put on a timer” so the treatment is repeated as needed.

Distance Reiki is versatile: it may also visit the future or be sent to the past. For example, an individual may send him/herself Reiki energy for important upcoming events such as exams, job interviews, physician, dental appointments or speaking engagements. One can also send it to the past to cure previously painful experiences. Another way to offer Reiki would be to ship it to the world – to people and places in war or turmoil.

The Reiki community has sent distance healing to these bitter events as New York’s September 11th, Southeast Asian tsunami of 2004, and hurricane Katrina. Distance recovery follows a simple format: first emotionally or physically get permission to perform the treatment, then centre yourself, draw the space healing symbol opening the door to the receiver, go through the path and pick the Reiki technique that’s ideal for you. I”see” that the individual little and cradled in my hands (such as the Allstate commercial), then use the Reiki healing symbols, imagine the individual well and request that this be done for the highest good of the recipient.


Finish by releasing the customer and envision your own energy system balanced and revitalized. Personally, I’ve used this space technique weekly for friends, family, customers and animals. In my 10 years of sending Reiki, 1 client actually stands out. Reiki shortly after he found out he had cancer in his nose and facial bones. It was unexpected and he was in shock. Right after our first semester, he had to have immediate surgery to remove his nose and affected parts. I continued with distance healing for him after he entered the hospital. I sent it before his operation, and continued post op. Dan returned home early and took nearly no pain medicine -unheard of with numerous nerve receptors in the face. He healed so fast, it impressed his physicians and they called others to fulfill him-superman! Dan is cancer free today-5 years later and features his good consequences to Reiki.