KotiImmuunijärjestelmäMitä ovat MHC-proteiinit?

    Mitä ovat MHC-proteiinit?


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    The fact that our body naturally has the capability to fight against foreign elements such as bacteria, virus, pathogens and other micro organisms is intriguing. These actions are referred to as immune reactions as the body has an extremely effective and thorough armory to combat most pathogens and prevent us from harm as a consequence of the existence of these pathogens.

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    One will wonder on a biochemical level how can our body recognize a cure and how does it manage the treat to keep it from causing a breakdown of law and order thereby causing ailments. The full procedure of immunity (the body’s defense mechanisms ) is huge and depends on plenty of factors especially the character and location of the antigen or invader.

    MHC Proteins

    In this guide we will be taking a look at a really special class of proteins understand as the major histocompatibility complex (MHC) proteins that mediates the identification of self and non-self elements of the human body. The major histocompatibility complex (MHC) is a set of genes that encodes cell surface molecules that controls a big portion of the immune system in all vertebrates by discovering histocompatibility.

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    The major role of MHC molecules is to bind to peptide fragments derived from pathogens and display them on the cell surface for recognition by the right T-cells. I don’t mean to bore you with this much terminology, so let’s liken their function to some other situation we’re more familiar with. These group of proteins do the work of an agency that registers taxpayers and issue out mandatory Original National ID cards to citizens (self elements of the body).

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    They also ensure that each and every citizen wears the ID card on his neck at all times so that when the soldiers on patrol comes around they can easily recognize the IDs. These solders on patrol have special skills to recognize an Original National ID and a fake one, which makes it a really simple and an efficient procedure for the non-self elements to be easily identified and managed.

    Any cell with a First ID supplied by the MHC proteins is a legal citizen and is unharmed while any mobile using a fake National ID is viewed as a cure, an invader, a pathogen. The soldiers of the body which reacts in this case are the T-cells also called Lymphocytes (T-cells). These T-cells will seep into the exhibited antigen on the surface of the cell and lunch the following immune response for a solder will react in the arrest of a criminal defendant.


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