Ingrédients pour la sélection d'aliments sains. Le concept de nourriture saine sur un fond de pierre sombre.

Les aliments sains pourraient-ils être votre meilleur traitement contre l'acné ?

Who ever heard of a drug company doing research into the impact of eating healthy foods? Similarly, you won’t find many dermatologists prescribing healthy foods as the best acne treatment. In actuality, in their practice, they were advised food doesn’t cause acne and they’re under pressure from the drug companies to prescribe their products.

Facteur nutritionnel

Maybe foods don’t cause acne, otherwise we’d all have acne outbreaks when we ate certain foods, but if you’re predisposed to acne, some foods may aggravate it. There’s been enough scientific research in recent years to encourage this. The causes of acne can be very intricate and there’s no one simple cure, but eating some foods and avoiding others may still be the best acne cure for you. It’s cheaper to purchase decent food than it is to continue to purchase the lotions, gels and creams prescribed by some caregivers.

Food is part of our usual spending – we must eat – so we’re searching for food on a regular basis. All we must do is change a number of outside buying habits. It doesn’t cost any more to purchase healthy foods. On the other hand, over the counter acne treatment and prescription drugs are an extra expense. In actuality, quite often they’re an unnecessary expense.

Buying and eating food isn’t a habit we can get because we already have it and, obviously, we want it. Using over the counter and prescription acne remedies does become a habit since they’re intended to treat the symptoms to not cure the cause. This means you’ve got to keep going back for more of this treatment to attempt and ease the symptoms, which will keep returning. This is precisely what the drug companies want and expect – regular, repeat sales.

Mot de la fin

That’s the reason they are so wealthy. This doesn’t appear to be the ideal remedy for acne, but the best remedy for the drug companies. The foods that may aggravate your acne are processed carbohydrates – items like white bread, white rice, white sugar and foods that contain these. These foods raise you blood glucose level, which causes an insulin spike which creates more hormones, which in turn creates more sebum (oil) and finally, sets up an acne environment. That’s the reason it’s a simple solution. To put it differently, make your body healthy so it can manage your acne in its own way – to heal itself the way Nature intended. In the end this might be the best acne treatment.