Les anticorps attaquant le virus SARS-CoV-2, l'illustration conceptuelle en 3D pour le traitement, le diagnostic et la prévention du COVID-19

Comment maintenir votre système immunitaire en forme ?

Your immune system is crucial to your good health which means paying attention to it’s vital. Chances are, nevertheless, you probably have not given much thought to how your body protects you from disease. The ads talk about building up your immunity like you were growing muscles. It isn’t that simple.

Système immunitaire

Writers describe the immune system as doing its job as though it were rallying the troops and going to war. The soldiers might be there but there isn’t any commander-in-chief and because your body systems move a great deal faster than any human military. It supervises your biological company with the outside world through countless bits of information about incoming materials and takes action only when required.

The immune system itself consists of specific cells, proteins, tissues and organs and in most cases does a excellent job of keeping you healthy. Their basic job is to defend your body against infectious germs and other germs. Sometimes it does have problems and that could result in infection and illness. Your white blood cells are its principal components. They’re the soldiers and make up a communications network that helps organize the immune reaction.


Their activities are specialized: some manufacture antibodies; some consume crap from the bloodstream, some zero in on cancer cells, while others occasionally turn against your own body cells on occasion.Others have memory or a feeling of history. These are the lymphocytes that recall when they produced an antibody to a particular microbe like the flu so that when the influenza virus occurs again the cells instantly recognize it and create cells that destroy it. This approach is essential to immunization.

The job of your immune system is to protect your body from infections like cancer, from bacteria like Streptococcus (Strep throat) and the polio virus. It protects you by creating a barrier that prevents bacteria and viruses from penetrating your body.If a virus or bacteria does get in your body, the immune system attempts to detect and remove it before it makes itself at home and reproduces. If the bacteria or virus can replicate and start causing problems, your immune system can detect the issue in the first stages and attempt to eliminate it. Your immune system does other tasks, too, but it’s your choice to keep it in great shape so that it may do its work.

Gardez à l'esprit

Most individuals do not understand that the skin is vital when it comes to protecting you. The skin not only forms a wall against intruders but it really alerts the white blood cells if you cut yourself and bacteria enters your wound. That’s the reason why, if your skin is complete and unbroken, it’s virtually impossible to pick up a disease from a toilet seat regardless of what your mom told you.Most of these infections we’ve get inside if we inhale or swallow them. They make their way to the bloodstream and move quickly through the body.

All of which is why we are told to wash our hands since it’s our hands we place on our face and touch our nose or mouth that begins the traffic pattern for the disease. Another interesting fact is that the immune system has its own flow system call lymphatic vessels that allow the white cells to reach the intruders. Other components include your tonsils, adenoids, thymus, spleen, lymph nodes, appendix, and a few regions of the small intestine and bone marrow. Now you know why physicians are not so keen to take out tonsils. They’ve a job to do.

Facteur nutritionnel

A nutritious diet will help you keep your immune system. All those components need nutrients like protein, vitamins and minerals and fatty acids that’s the reason why malnourished individuals are vulnerable to getting sick. There are lots of theories but not much evidence yet that a specific nutritional supplement will enhance your protection. However, being deficient in a vitamin like the B vitamins does place seniors at greater risk for getting sick. Even extra vitamin C was shown to have minimal or no impact on the immune system.

On the flip side, those who exercise have a better immune system than those that are sedentary. Even so over doing exercise isn’t likely to do much good and could even cause injuries. It makes sense. Regular aerobic exercise is good for the heart. Weight-bearing exercise builds muscle and bone. Your body will work better with exercise that means you’ve got a better likelihood of protecting yourself.will also be in better shape. The best effort you can take is to eat a varied, balanced diet of fruits and vegetables and low fat dairy products with small amounts of fish and meat. Getting enough sleep can be valuable and, of course, don’t smoke.