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    The art of aromatherapy was practiced since the earliest days. Strong evidences were found to connect aromatherapy to historical customs. In its simplest form, aromatherapy is the use of essential plant oils for healing purposes. They are typically employed to relieve someone from stress and many different stress-related conditions. And also for boosting a person’s general well being and in hydrates the body and the mind.


    It works by inducing the olfactory nerve cells using aromatic oils, which then carries the message out into the limbic system in the brain. Limbic system is the portion of the brain that’s responsible for controlling emotions and memory. Aromatherapy is concerned in both the workings of the physical and psychological aspects of the individual under treatment.

    Physically, aromatherapy assists in relieving certain conditions trough the stimulation of the nervous, circulatory and immune system. In emotions however, they may evoke pleasant memories. Yet, the medical circles don’t agree if aromatherapy in itself is conducive to the complete healing of a specific condition. But the notion of recovery through aromatherapy is broadly accepted.

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    Huiles essentielles

    These oils are derived from the distillation of the components of a plant such as the leaves, roots, flowers, stems and bark. They hold the real essence of the plants where they originally came in high concentration. Though called oil, essential oils normally don’t have the actual properties of petroleum. Some essential oils are yellow like that of the lemongrass and orange and several are clear.

    These oils are used in many different methods: via inhalation, by incorporating them at the bathwater and from the use of the diluted oil physically. Using oil in aromatherapy is just restricted to people with unadulterated qualities. The purest of the vital oils alone have the curative values. The following is a list of the most popular essential oils used in aromatherapy.

    Regardless of the absence of formal research on aromatherapy therapists and European doctors tend to be prescribing certain aromatic oils for a variety of complaints such as colds and flu, insomnia, sinusitis, migraines, digestive problems and muscular aches. It has to be recognized though that aromatic oils should never be taken orally and must be first tested to find out the level of skin’s sensitivity to your oils.

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