Comment combattre les migraines ?

Millions of people suffer from migraine headaches. They are a rare type of headache that affects one part of the head and can often involve sensitivities to light and sound. Some people may also experience an aura, but not all migraines. Some sufferers may experience different auras. They can include visual changes, neurological sensitivities, or what I described as the feeling you get when you place a balloon on top of your head and feel static electricity pulling at you head.

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I remember being a migraine sufferer who would often say to people, “Oh, I have a terrible headache today.” I would be furious at their arrogance in private. I was the one who, when I suffered a severe migraine headache, would often have to miss work. To make the medication work, I would need to isolate myself in a darkened room and lie still. If I was fortunate, the medication stopped me from vomiting. I’ve also had to go to the hospital for shot after shot in an attempt to control them when my home medication was not working.

I have a lot of knowledge about migraine headaches. I know that there is hope for migraine sufferers who are determined to manage their health. You can’t rely on a doctor to do everything for you. You have to take control of your own health. It all starts with keeping a journal. It’s hard work, but it’s not impossible.

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It is important to record everything you do, including what you eat, where you are, how the weather is, what your mood is, and who you were with just before the headache started. These records may need to be kept for a while to help you identify what triggers your headaches. A few things that I found to trigger headaches were: windy conditions, extreme temperature change, bright light changes, fast bright changes, perfumes of others, dryer sheets, food, candles, inks, new carpets, cleaning products, air fresheners and pine scents.

It’s no surprise that the holidays were always a difficult time of year for me. You might be surprised at the triggers that you have. You may notice patterns once you start writing them down. But it will take some time. It will take time to decide what you do with the information you notice.


You can make changes immediately. You don’t need to wear perfume. Instead, you can use dryer sheets, scented laundry product, and keep potpourri, candles, and air fresheners around. These are small sacrifices that will benefit your health. It will take some time to remove any residual scents from your home and personal belongings after you have cleaned out your surroundings. Many scents are durable and designed to last. It’s hard to avoid certain foods, but it is possible. You can’t have something you don’t love if it is your only option.

You have the option to choose. If weather changes are triggering for you, sunglasses, a scarf and a hat can be your best friend. Extreme temperature changes are hard for me. In the summer, we don’t keep our house very cool. I do all my outdoor chores and errands at once, and try to not run in and out of the air conditioner when it is on. We have tried to find ways of modifying extreme temperatures. Remote start is great for both cold and hot weather.


Keep track of everything for a few months. Make changes to your environment, such as switching to green cleaning products and watching your diet. This will help you identify what is working and what isn’t. Although it will take some time, you can make improvements.


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