Comment prévenir les maux de tête ?

Recognizing the symptoms that cause migraine headaches is the first step to preventing them from happening is the second. Keep a “headache journal” to track the severity of each migraine and the food you ate during the 24-hour period before it occurs. A regular schedule is another way to prevent migraines. This means eating at the same time every day and sleeping consistently seven days a week.


Vitamin supplements, such as vitamin B-2, vitamin B-6, and vitamin E, can be used to prevent migraines. To ensure that you are receiving the correct dosages, it is a good idea to consult your doctor before taking any vitamin supplements. Vitamin supplements can help stabilize your levels estrogen and serotonin.

Nurturing Yourself

You can also prevent migraine headaches by scheduling some “nurturing” time for yourself. This could include any activity that you enjoy for yourself. You could listen to music, read, play with your pet, or do anything that relaxes you. For approximately fifteen minutes, try a relaxation technique like yoga, deep breathing, biofeedback, meditation, deep breathing, or yoga once or twice daily.

This will relieve stress and prevent migraines. Deep breathing is another method to prevent migraines. It involves letting go of your clothes and sitting in quiet surroundings. Inhale as you count to five and then exhale as you count to five.


It is another method you can use to prevent migraines. This is a high-tech relaxation tool that involves you being connected to a machine that measures your skin temperature and muscular tension. You will be able to raise or lower your body temperature with practice. Your body will be able to relax in any way you choose.

You will feel relaxed when you travel from one place to the next. Give yourself enough time to pack your stuff so you don’t rush. The pressure to hurry can cause stress and can lead to migraines. Avoid carrying heavy bags around your neck or shoulder straps. This can also cause stress that can lead you to a migraine. Avoid alcohol on airplane flights.


Regular exercise is the final way to prevent migraine headaches. Exercise reduces stress and increases endorphins, your body’s pain-relieving chemicals. At least three times per week should you exercise, starting with moderate, non-competitive workouts. Competitive exercise can increase your stress levels.


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